I didn't care when you said the words "mistake" and "it's over".

All I told you was, "Goodbye" when you left
Me for the hundredth time.

So you walked away and I couldn't care, don't think I'll
Try to stop you. Keep going,
Right on down the line. I hope the next
One is more your kind. I'm
Not the girl for you. I respect myself too much and my
Guy friends would agree you don't deserve
Even one more second of my company, you

Thanks for this life lesson:
Hold on to your heart when you
Aren't sure who you're trusting it to. It's
Not something you should give lightly.

You qualify as scum, don't get me wrong, but I love
One thing still: I can write these

Hate poems when
I think of you. Thanks for the inspiration,
Not that you deserve my thanks. I hope you
Know I'm stronger than that.