Moving Day…
Danni's POV

"Danni, come down here and help me load up the truck! NOW!"

This is my mom's loving way of waking me up on my last day in Texas. Can you see the sensitivity? Cause I sure cant.

"Kay, let me wake up and shower," I said as I reached up to stretch my arms. This is my last day, out in the country. "Why do I have to go to fucking California," I whispered to no one in particular.

I walked across my room, to enter my bathroom. Grabbing my shampoo and razor, I step into my always comforting shower. After I feel clean and smooth, I let the water run over my body, till it turned cold. After I dry myself off, I change into some jean shorts and a light, lime green tank top. I put on a little bit of make-up, straightening my hair, and slip into my most comfy pair of sneakers. When I'm done, I go help my mom with the last of the boxes.

As I step out into the August sun, I feel the things that I will miss the most when I move to the city, the light breeze against my skin, blowing my long, brown hair out of my face. The faint scent of manure (I know it sounds gross, but when you have lived with it your whole life, and have, even, shoveled most of it when you get in trouble, you start to get used to it.) and the sound of the trees swaying slightly. My hands find their way up into the air dragging my arms up with them, as if they were saying good-bye for the final time.

"Danni, will you get over here and help your mother! This one is heavy," her voice straining under the weight of the box she was trying to lift into the moving van. I jog over to her and the overflowing box; I take it from her and shove it into the last space available in the truck full of memories.

"Mama, once we get to California, you need to join the gym. I swear your arms are practically noodles. That box, the one you were having so much trouble with, wasn't heavy at all."

"Hey! I'll talk to you about my 'noodle arms' when you are forty years old, and have had two kids," she smiled warmly at me.

This was the good side of my mom. I haven't seen it in weeks. She's been too stressed about work and moving a few states over. "Matthew already left and took David about an hour ago." She informed me, "I gave him the keys to the house, so he could start unloading what little we put in your car."

My mom is a lawyer; she recently got hired to a big law firm. I can't remember the name of it, but it was a big, flashy sort of company that had almost every rich person in the area uses. But, she wouldn't tell me anything about it, she said it would "ruin the experience". Well... I want her to ruin it!

"Danni? Are you gonna be back in reality anytime soon? Teddy is here to say good-bye," she said as she snapped her fingers in front of my face.

"Hey, Mrs. D, is she spacing out already? I thought it would have taken her at least ten minutes out on the road to do that." My best friend, Teddy, jokes laughing his way up the sidewalk. I said good-bye to my other friends, yesterday. Because, that one was "way too tearful" for Teddy, but everyone knows the reason we call him Teddy, because he is as soft and cuddly as a teddy-bear. But, as bad as the nickname is, you will never hear him say his real name, which is Edward Vincent the fifth. I know, but he isn't a preppy snob that his parents wish he was (when he was little he would roll in the mud and wouldn't be a good little boy, so when he was four they sent him here) - that's why he got shipped off to his aunt's farm here in Texas.

"I'll leave you two to your good-byes. I think I left something in my room…" She said, turning back into the house.

We lean up against the moving truck, facing each other. "I can't believe you're moving. Whose gonna keep Sarah from jumping my bones without you there to pretend to be my date?" He said pouting the whole time.

"You're a JOCK. And every girl in town is, either, after you or trying hard to get your attention, I'm sure you can go to the food court; find some dumb blonde to go along with your schemes. But she would have to look past your cockiness…" as I gave him an almost compliment he smiled and did this weird hair flippy thing,"... and maybe not.

He put his hand to his chest, faking hurt, "You wound me, Danni, you really do." He said in a sarcastic tone.

"You know you can't live without me. You're coming up next weekend so don't plan anything or else I'll kill you." He laughed at my hollow threat.

"I'm shaking, but you are right about one thing, I don't know how I'm gonna live without you." He pulled me in for a long hug. But, it wasn't awkward or anything. We have been friends since pre-k. We have always have had a touchy relationship, but nothing was ever read into it. "I'm gonna miss you Danni."

"And I am going to miss you, my personal teddy-bear," he laughed at our long time joke. I felt his hot breath on my ear. He must be bending way down, considering that he is 6'5''. And there's only 5'7'' of me, but I have long legs for a short person.

"I never get tired of that nickname. No matter how much it annoys me." It was now my turn to laugh.

"I'm sorry Danni, Teddy, but we have to get going," said my mom, leading me back to the car.

I was leaning out my window giving Teddy one last hug. I didn't realize I was crying until Teddy wiped away one of my traitor tears, "Don't cry," he whispered.

And that was the last thing I heard from him before we drove away from everything that I have ever loved. As we crossed the borderline, leaving Texas, I shed one more of my betraying tears as I leave my lone star home.