Chapter one: Angles formed by a Transversal

My brother, Logan, and I had been living on the streets for at least two years. We'd be dead already if it weren't for the help of some other kids we knew. Our parents had kicked us out not even two months after our brother Zack's funeral, blaming us for their misfortune. I mean, we hadn't always been the best kids, Logan was a truant, and I couldn't deny that I'd meddled in a few drugs, but that didn't mean we deserved the boot at fifteen. But, like I said, we owed our survival to these four kids that we met on the streets. Without them, we wouldn't have lasted the winter.

We each had our own story. There was Jade; his old man had kicked him out because of his sexuality, Gavin, for the same reason. While Yeardleigh(we called him Leigh) had been kicked out because he was the biggest failure his parents had ever raised (he was a 'B' student) and had wanted nothing to do with him anymore. And then, there was sweet, kind, passive October, unlike the rest of us; she'd never quite been given the boot. She'd runaway in order preserve her life. She'd told me that she'd woken up one night to find her parents whispering. They were talking about her, and in short, talking about how much of a pain she was and how nice it would to just get rid of her.

"I waited a week before I actually left. And I was hit regularly back then, but it got progressively worse. And the night I ran away, they'd left me on the floor bleeding. I bandaged my leg while they were in the other room going at it with each other. Then when they quieted down, I knew they were finally asleep. Must've been around 3:00 in the morning, I remember it was Christmas. I just packed my bags and climbed out the window, I haven't seen them in three years." She'd said one night when we'd first met. And that was October's story. Logan and I were the youngest ones in our group. Leigh was the oldest placing at a staggering 21. Jade and Gavin were both 19, October was 18 and me and Logan were 17.

I watched now as the high school student that always stopped by to share his lunch with Jade chatted merrily with the red head. Logan was sleeping with his head pressed against my shoulder.

"Jade's kinda thick, don't cha think?" I asked a distant looking Gavin.

"What d'ya mean?"

"It's kinda obvious that Cole totally wants him. But yet, he's so oblivious."

"Well, I'm obviously flaming and Jade didn't get that till, I told him why I got kicked out, we'd known each other for a month by then, so don't sweet it Hun."

"Oi, Alex! You want?" Jade called to me holding up a sandwich. "Cole made three, but His friend Alyssa didn't show today, so he's got an extra."

"Yes, Please!" I called out lifting my hands to catch the food.

"Can I have some?" Gavin asked leaning in a little.

"Sure." I broke him off a small piece, before shaking Logan awake.

"Want any?" I waved the sandwich in his face.

"Na, I'm still full from all the Chinese I had last night, ah~ it's good to have a boyfriend with money."

"Just cause Xavier spoils you," I broke Logan's would be piece off and handed it to Gavin, "Doesn't mean you need to rub it in." I knew they wouldn't last much longer, the same way they used Logan for sex, he used them all for a place to crash and get free food. They didn't mind as long as he was putting' out. But the catch was, he always left them before they were done savoring it all. So judging by Logan's tiredness, they'd been up late last night and that meant, Logan had most likely found someone new, and would be leaving Xavier soon.


"Oh! Hey, Terra." I said warmly to the tall brown haired man standing in front of me. Terra was an employee at the convenience store, me and my friends were currently bumming in front of. He and Anna were cool. Whenever they had a shift they'd bring some food out for us when it was over. But now it was his break. I could tell because of the pack of cigarettes he was holding. He shook four out as was ritualistic for him. He handed one to me and Gavin, then tossed the third one to Jade. He didn't even bother offering any to Logan or Cole, because neither of them smoked. We each lit our own respective cigarettes and Terra plopped down beside me.

Terra's not actually much older than I am, only about three years, he was in his second year of College at the University; Anna too. I'd hated her ever since I found out they lived together. Nothing good ever comes from liking some one who lives with the opposite gender…Ever.

"So, you gonna take me up on that offer?"

"Nope." I said almost immediately. Terra and Anna wanted me to come, room with them, but I wasn't sure if that'd be such a good thing.

"…Ok then! I'm gonna go bug Sammy, see ya guys." Gavin stood and left catching Cole's attention. He glanced at his phone and jumping up,

"Oh! I gotta get back to school! Bye Jade, guys!" he called as he rushed off.

"Oh, Cole is leaving…that means I gotta go break it off with Xav…Huh, bye guys, I'll see ya around." The three of us that remained watched him go in silence.

"Something tells me, I shouldn't approve of this conduct." Terra said breaking the silence.

"And you're not even his brother."

"That's for sure. Well, I gotta get back to work."

"See ya."

Terra and Anna were definitely some of the people I let into my inner circle. You could even go as far as to say, I trusted them. Which back before I was a street rat, wasn't so rare. Kids on the street get kicked around a lot, and used, some even go missing and you never see 'em again. We knew a girl like that once, her name was Grace. She was around a lot; like me, Jade, Gavin and Leigh, she always slept on the streets, it was a little before Logan formed that idiotic idea of his and started using people. She was nice, a lot like October, just more out spoken. She went off with a guy one night, and we never saw her again. Back when we still moved around a lot more, we were frequenting an alley beside an electronics shop. The TV's in the display windows were on the news, and we found out that Grace had turned up as a Jane Doe. After that, it got harder for me to trust people. I didn't wanna end up like that. Nor did I want Logan to.

Even though I say I trust Terra, I'm not sure I really do. Cause, I'm still scared of being used. I don't wanna owe anyone. I made a little promise with myself. The second I get a job, if the offers still open, I'll take them up immediately, so that way, I can contribute. I won't feel like their holding me to anything. God, when did I get so jaded?


I sighed watching my breath float out in a small haze of fog. Typically, the city wasn't so cold during October, it didn't start to get really cold till November, but today was an exception and you could totally tell it was going to rain tonight. There were the dark clouds and the fresh scent that always came before a shower. The way the guys and I saw it, there were ups and downs about everything.

"Well, at least in the morning we won't smell as bad." Leigh stated taking a drag from the cigarette that he'd filched from some unknown place.

"Yeah, that is, if we don't freeze to death." Jade reminded him dully.

"Ah, right. There is always that. Ruddy cold weather."

We all gave a small snicker. Then a huge gust of wind blew by and we all shivered.

"Oh, hey, you guys know it's gonna snow tonight, right?"

This was October, sporting the new starch white coat she'd gotten at the charity. I hadn't seen her around lately. I'd seen Logan, earlier today actually. He'd dropped by for a minute, just to tell me that I couldn't crash with him and his new boyfriend for a while.

"Hey October, you have a place to crash right now, correct?"

"Uh, yeah. I got a roommate so as the rent would be cheaper."

"Alex, why don't you just stay with us?" I jumped and whipped around to see Anna squatting next to me.

"Please, we wanna know you're safe. Even if it is just for tonight. We like you and since you won't take up our offer to room together, the least we can do is offer you a place where you can crash when you need to." She was giving me the most pitiful, pouty look ever. The shitty thing was, I didn't even get to decide for myself.

"Alright mate. So Alex is staying with Terra and Anna, and me and Jade are staying with October!" I whipped my head around shooting a glare at Leigh. I was so gonna kill that brit. I was so focused on giving my best death glare; I didn't notice Jade creeping up behind me.

"Have fun~." He whispered slyly in my ear.

"Oh my god, Jade! I will kill you!" I swung at him but missed.

"That's great! Terra'll be so happy to hear you're staying the night with us." I glanced up at the elated Anna, and gave a sigh of recognition. There was no escaping this.


"Woow~! It's so warm." I said stepping into the apartment. It was nice and spacious. Walking in, the place branched off in two directions. Down the hall there were three doors, and in the other direction there was the kitchen, the living room, and another door. Walking further in, it became apparent that there was a step surrounding the entire living room area, and a path around it.

"This place is nice. Can I take a shower? That's the first thing I always do when I get to stay somewhere that has a shower. And I got my tooth brush, Logan dropped it off earlier."

"Mhm, of course, treat this place as your home too, since one day, it hopefully will be. The bathroom's down that hallway, and to the left. I'm gonna go order something to eat." Anna began to walk off towards the kitchen before pausing and calling out to me, "Knock first, Jesse, or Terra might be in there."

"Ok. I will." I set off down the hall and knocked lightly on the door. It swung open to reveal a soaking wet Terra with a towel wrapped around his waste. I starred.

"Alex! I was not expecting you." He said a broad smile forming on his face.

"Uh, y-yeah, Anna said I could crash here for the night, since it's supposed to snow."

"Aw, just for the night. Stay with us. I mean, you'll be home by yourself most of the time, Anna, Jesse and I all have classes and work so, that takes up a bit of time, but Sam stops by a lot and kind of just crashes at our house. Speaking of which, Gavin is here with him now, they're in Jesse's room."

"Gavin is here? Sam, is Sammy? No wonder he's been so clean lately."

"Yeah, Gavin is like, devoted to him; they've been trying to get him a job playing music at the café on campus."

"Man, seems like everyone except me and Leigh is catching a break lately. October's got a job and a roommate. Gavin has Sam. Jade has Cole, Logan's been ditching us the past two weeks cause he actually has a boyfriend he likes. I don't know where Leigh is always disappearing to, I honestly don't and then there's just me. Kicked to the curb by my younger twin."

"You know you've been catching a lot of breaks too, you just won't acknowledge em. Anyway, did you wanna take a shower? I'll bring you some of my old clothes." And with that he brushed by, disappearing into the room across from the bathroom. I stepped into the bathroom thinking about what he'd said. He was right; I had been ignoring my luck. After the shower, maybe during dinner, I'd discuss it with them…And with that, it was decided. I jumped into the shower completely forgetting that Terra was supposed to be coming back. I was about to get out when he knocked. I jumped out of the shower, grabbing a towel from the shelf and opened the door. Terra had decided to put some clothes on, or at least a pair of sweats. They hung loosely at his waist. His hip bones jutted out and his muscles were well toned.

"I couldn't find anything that looked like it'd fit you, but here." He said giving me a small smile as I took the clothes. Ahhh~ that was not good for my dick!


"No problem." He called walking off to the living room…Anna! That bitch! I retreated back into the bathroom a little bummed.

I stepped out into the living room and was attacked by a tall, nice smelling thing that was…Gavin!

"Gav! I forgot you were here!" I hugged him back, not even reacting when he lifted me off the ground in a rib crushing hug.

"Gavin, you're killing him."

"Oh, haha, sorry Alex." After he'd set me down I looked over at the person who'd spoken. The speaker was a young-looking boy with slate colored hair that covered most of his face.

"Hi! You must be Sam. I'm Alexander, call me Alex! You snagged a good one!" I said smirking. The boy looked taken aback a minute before offering up a small smile.

"Hello Alex, Gavin has told me so much about you." And suddenly we both had a serious tone.

"How much about me has he told you?"

"I pretty much know your life story."

"Has he told you about the others too?"

"Yes, I know their stories too. I do not however know Gavin's, and may I ask what you mean by 'I snagged a good one'?"

"If you don't know his story, then that's for you to figure out yourself." And as suddenly as the serious tone had started, it was gone.

"Hey Alex, are you going to live with them?"

"Uh, well, I kind of wanted to get, at least, a job first…"

"Oh! Alexander!" Anna exclaimed hugging me.

"Why didn't you just say that from the start? The store's hiring, we'll get you a job there."

"That's great Alex! Now me and you can be like October!"

"You got the job?" I asked

"Yeah, they liked my guitar skills and they said my voice was nice. Sammy had already offered to let me stay with him, but I kinda felt bad about mooching, so he said he'd help me find a hob. And the pay is really good."

"That's so cool." I said smiling up at Gavin. Then I felt a hand on the top of my head, I glanced back and met eyes with Terra.

"So it's decided, Alex's staying with us."

"I'm home, where are you guys?"