I should have never gone with them.

Who was I to refuse?

I owed them everything; they asked everything of me. I followed them, walking through the shadows made lighter by the waning light of the moon; everything was illuminated by the waning moon, a silvery sliver in the sky. It was the end of everything I had ever known. As one, they turned against me, forcing the change. I was confused, transfixed by the sight. If I could call it anything, it was bewitching.

Eyes gleaming, they fell as one; collapsing underneath the moon. It dragged them, just as it did the tide, until they were forced to meet earth and water. They had gone to the one place where they joined as one in their rapture. The very sight of it forced me to the ground; the forces I could not control controlled me. Choking on the upcoming tide, eyes stinging, I continued to watch. I was completely unable to turn away from the transformation. I could only fall to the compulsion to remain motionless, never straying from my repentant position kneeling on the sand, relying on the mercy of the tide to leave me intact.

Thin sheets of skin ripped, shredding under the strain of shifting and reforming muscles. Pulling back, each muscle contracted, writhing in an attempt follow through with the transformation occurring. Completely in motion, as unworldly creatures, they sinuously slid against the jet black sand, caressed by the palest of water.

As the third moon was eclipsed, resolving the world to darkness, they found themselves, falling into their truest forms. Given by the moon and the forces greater than conscious thought, they became the most base of beasts. I realized in watching that such sights befalling my eyes should have been terrifying. Assaulted by the sharp scent of metallic blood mingling with salt. As the wind raised sand into the air my eyes stung; I could not wipe away the sight, could not blink away the truth of what was before me. About them lay strips of ivory flesh soaked through with silver black blood. In the waning of the final moon, the world became calm. Still, and yet not still, the creatures moved in motion with the world, not daring to go against it.

Eyes blind to any and all that could stumble in the dark, as one they turned in longing to their mother; their only love. Breathlessly, I watched them, awed by the striking devotion so evident to me. The milky color clouding their retinas well matched their mother's hue; the jet skins now grown fell to the cold embrace of the sand, gritty and smooth, fragments more sharp than any glass made by man.

Swaying as one with the once turbulent waves, their endless sentinel held me captive. I could no longer breathe, concerned only with them. They held a luminescence so piercing and cold, so endlessly enrapturing.

Harshly, as if to sway me from my observation, the wind ascended, removing the modest veil surrounding the mothers. As all three revealed themselves, as the cruel eclipse was crushed by the heavenly mothers. The heavenly mothers did save me with their ever present grace, the persistence of the sentinels, their children, did save me.

Paralysis lifting, I rose unbidden to join my brothers. The world is nothing. To the glow of our three mothers, the center of everything, the only ones meant to be looked upon. I do not resist the call, I would never wish to; my brothers follow, soothed by the beguiling beauty of the benevolent moons. We will always be with our mothers, drawn along with the light.

Let the world forever be this, the light of the mothers, drawing along the lines of their influence.

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