Time sets all things to rest
Time heals all wounds the best
Time cast's all things aside
Time dulls all, even pride.

Time takes and time gives
Grave to cradle, with it we live.
Time goes by, try to deny it in vain.
Time enough, chances come again.

Time enough to give a gift
Time enough to give a birth
Time enough to accept a lift
Time enough to save the earth

Centuries steal every grievance
Decades take every joy
Leap years filch every fame
Years betray every ploy.

Months heal every hurt
weeks dull every yearn
Day's slip by on alert
Night's wait for their turn

Hours make every life,
Minutes teach every lesson.
Moments stop every strife;
heart's are broken every second.

(Alternative wording for the last line: "Heart-brake is measured in seconds." and "Leap years Annex every Allegiance )
Secondly I find it Ironic that more people have looked at this than most of my other stuff, considering this was quite literally put together in five minutes round.