"Hello?" I said in a rather bored tone, trying not to return to my assignments which were due, oh, within the week.

"Gee, you sound excited to hear from me."

I was embarrassed by the happiness that rushed through me at the sound of his voice. Embarrassed enough to almost hang up on him.

"I don't have caller ID," I said listlessly, twirling my pencil around my fingers. Clearly I couldn't hang up. "How may I help you?"

"Try to sound a little more enthusiastic," he said, amusement clear in his tone. I could picture his smile perfectly in my head. "I was wondering if you were busy tonight."

I felt my lower back stiffen and I straightened in my seat. "Why?" I said suspiciously.

"Relax," he laughed. "I'm not asking you out on a date - not that you would've said yes, anyway," he added dismissively. I felt the tension drain and did I actually feel… disappointed? What the hell? I contorted my face into an expression of pain.

Seriously, I forget how annoying it was to have feelings for someone. God.

"It's for Leigh."

"What about Leigh?"

I heard the incredulity in his voice. "It's her birthday tomorrow. Knowing her, she'll avoid me all day, so I have to plan ahead and have it today so I can catch her off guard."

"I didn't even know it was her birthday," I said, bemused. "She doesn't like celebrating?"

"No, because she'd rather watch a movie with cake and popcorn than spend it with people who care about her." His words were drawled, and I could almost see him rolling his eyes. "She's a selfish girl."

I frowned. That was selfish? Then I must be plainly rude if I didn't even want to see people on mine. "Well, if she doesn't want to spend it with people, don't you think she has a say in it?"



"She's been doing this for years, and I think it's about time she gets out on her birthday."

"But it's her -"

"And you're going to help me."

That stopped me. I tilted my head. "How?"

"You promise to help?"

"How am I going to help?"

"Promise me first," he commanded. I felt annoyed that I was more willing than annoyed. If the man didn't have such a sexy voice…

"Fine," I growled. He was smirking. I knew the ass was. "What is it?"

"You have to keep her occupied today until I call you."

"You're having it at her house?"

"Unless you want to blindfold her and lead her to my house…" he trailed off dryly. "Are we good?"

"Mm," I scratched something on my sheet of paper distractedly with my pencil. I started at the silence. "Um, hello…?"

He coughed. "Uh, nothing, sorry." He made a strangled sound. "Anyway, I'll see you tonight."

"Sure, bye Talen."

There was a brief pause. "Bye, Sera." Click.

It was official. I was pathetic.

"I'm so tired," Leigh moaned, practically dragging the shopping bags behind her. "I haven't been shopping in forever! Thanks for bringing me, Sera," she exclaimed, her smile genuinely bright. For the billionth time that day, I cursed Talen for making me do this. Outwardly, I only smiled, also dragging my bags.

We were almost at her door. Oh my God. Please don't let her say -

"I can't wait to watch Finding Nemo again. One of my favourites," she commented, pulling her keys. "I'm actually surprised that Talen didn't try to rope me into anything today. I'm usually running away from him." She was rummaging through her purse, oh so innocently. "Damn, where are my keys?"

I was going to kill Talen. Slowly. Painfully.

"You put them in the outside pocket," I commented faintly, fighting the urge to turn and bolt.

"Oh yeah." She brightened, pulling the key-of-doom out. Almost in a haze, I watched her turn the knob, casually turning to look at me. "Hey, you think we should eat the cake before -"

"SURPRISE! Happy birthday!"

Leigh shrieked, dropping all her bags, her hands flying to her chest. I felt like I was going to faint.

"Oh my God," Leigh gasped, glancing wildly around her full suite. Most were laughing at her reaction good naturedly at her reaction. I really wanted to run. She slowly turned to me, her eyes screaming murder. "You knew about this?"

"Well," I stammered, holding my hands up in defence. "Technically -"

"Yeah, she did." Talen materialized out of now where, dressed… in the way where I wanted to rip his clothes off. In a good way. I tore my eyes from him, feeling my face burn at my thoughts, but I liked to think it was out of anger. How dare he throw me to the sharks? "Pretty smart of us, eh?"

"I should've known," Leigh growled, but I could tell that her anger was melting. She ended up sighing before her face transformed into a smile. "Thanks for coming everyone!" she waved wildly, before heading to them.

But not before hugging us both with a secret smile that had a chill run down my back.

I watched after her warily for a moment. "I feel like she's going to attack me in my sleep," I muttered under my breath. Talen muffled his laugh.

"She's not that inconspicuous. You'll see the gun before you hear the shot."

I shot him a sour look. "That makes me feel loads better."

His smile was disarming. "It was the intent."

I merely smirked and turned away, grabbing the fallen bags from the floor. "Where's her room?" I asked distractedly.

"The end of the hall, over there." Suddenly, most of the bags were gone from my hold. Blinking in surprised, I looked up to see Talen already walking away from me with the items.

"What the - hey!" I caught up to him. "I could handle carrying bags," I said, the glare in my voice; but when he looked at me, I grinned. "Careful, you're being too nice."

"I'm always nice," he waved me off, nudging Leigh's room open. The bags were placed at the foot of her bed before we turned. "Thanks for, you know, keeping it a surprise." He looked amused, almost as if he were waiting for something.

"I am capable of keeping secrets," I told him with a roll of my eyes. "I mean, I only told my cousins about you - kidding," I said hurriedly, smothering a grin. "No one knows I know you," I assured.

A strange look flashed over his face; he tilted his head, eyes focused on my own. I had to raise my chin a little to meet his gaze, but it wasn't like I was complaining. The man had gorgeous eyes.

"And why's that?" he murmured.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "Because… you want to stay hidden?" I tried uncertainly, feeling strange when his unreadable expression didn't slip. He was about to open his mouth to comment further when an beatific voice reached our ears.

"Hey! I was looking for you," Faye Daniels literally strutted over to where we were standing. I couldn't keep myself from staring at her because, well… she was beautiful. She was taller, slender but with the right amount of curves, and flawless. Her face, when she turned to look at me, was refreshing and… sweet. She was pretty and gorgeous all wrapped into one.

I remembered Leigh also said she was nice.

I didn't feel as hopeful for the human race as I did with Leigh, staring at Faye Daniels. But only because I was biased since, she…

I was seriously pathetic.

"Oh, hi," Faye said in a surprised but pleasant tone. She smiled. "I saw you come in with Leigh - you must be Sera?"

I nodded mutely before I forced myself to return her pleasant behaviour. It wasn't her fault that I was a bitch with these stupid things called hope and expectations. Just like it wasn't my fault that she was gorgeous and pretty damn lucky.

"Nice to meet you," I said with a smile. Hopefully it didn't look as forced as it felt.

She flashed two rows of perfect white teeth. "Likewise. My name's Faye."

My lips quirked, "I know."

From the corner of my eye, I saw her slip her hand into Talen's. So. Clearly I needed to get over someone asap because at this rate, I'd have to go home because of a stomach ache.

"You two know each other?" Faye asked conversationally, her arms slipping around his waist.

"Yeah, met through Leigh," Talen answered casually, his eyes over Faye's head looking towards the living room, but his arm curled around her waist in return. "You two have a lot in common, actually."

Of course we did. I tried not to think too bitterly, but to be frank, seeing him with her was like a punch to the gut.

"Then you must be awesome," she grinned. I smiled in return more politely than as a friendly gesture. I couldn't help it.

"Oh! Talen, you have to see Jude's tattoo!" Faye exclaimed as if she just remembered.

I felt relieved and felt my smile become a little real. "See you later," I said and turned my heel before anything else could happen. The whole way to the kitchen, I berated myself for ever thinking there was more.

I just realized how many beautiful people were in Leigh's home. Actually, I was surprised that I was actually surprised at the revelation. Clearly I wasn't at the top of my game.

Approximately 5 people came up to me and asked me about my profession. Three looked at me in disdain, while the other two, merely curious… if not worried… that they were behind on their gossip. Granted, they were nice people, but still. I was picky, and I judged too quickly. What can you do?

"Hey," Talen materialized out of no where as a blonde, attractive female left me with my drink. I smiled, abruptly feeling the awkwardness of my situation to the highest degree because… well, what the hell was I doing here?

"Hi." I felt my hand tighten around my cup, and I looked down when nothing else was said.

"How are you?"

I had to look at him, surprised and maybe a little cautious of his curious tone. He sounded like he actually… cared. Then again, I've been reading too much into this whole weird situation. So I let my expression smooth over and I shrugged.

"I'm fine," I settled with and returned his question.

Taken aback, I tore my gaze from the clock on the wall to watch him laugh. "Bullshit," he smiled. "You look like you want to be anywhere else but here."

I didn't deny it. "I haven't filled my two hour quota."

"Why two hours?" he quirked an eyebrow. "Why not thirty minutes?"

I made a face. "Please, I'm not that rude. One hour seems too impersonal, so I told myself two hours."

He smirked. "It's an hour and forty-five minutes longer than what I would've settled for."

"That's fifteen minutes."

"I know."

I laughed at his serious tone, missing the fleeting look that softened his face. "You're too sociable to not mingle," I said. "It's like… trying not to breathe. Your body craves it."

"Are you judging me?" he asked in a mockingly exaggerated accusatory tone. I pulled back, wide eyes at the look on his face. He was good. Really good. Almost abruptly, a mischievous grin took hold of his lips. "What's up, Sera?"

I managed to shake myself into reality. "Nothing," I narrowed my eyes. "Don't do that again."

"Do what?" He opted for a charming grin.

He knew what his eyes were doing. Instead of risking my dignity and answering him, I merely turned my head away from his gaze and stared at the classy people that filled Leigh's home. Even those who I didn't recognize as celebrities looked sophisticated and chic. I felt immensely… out of place.

Suddenly, I felt like someone was staring at me.

"What?" I tried not to snap defensively when I looked back at Talen. His face was unsmiling and there was something deeper in his eyes I was too scared to probe. I settled for looking at his lips. How unfair. He was so perfect it almost hurt. "Stop looking at me. Thanks."

He chuckled lowly. "Sorry," he said carelessly. I sighed, tugging my hair. "You're just… so normal."

I looked at him blankly, unsure if it was a compliment or an insult.

"No - I didn't meant it as a bad thing," he added hastily, but I just squinted at him confusedly.

"Er, okay. I'm not angry," I shrugged. "I am normal… in comparison to you… painfully so." My lips quirked. He blinked, astonished. I began to feel a little self conscious when he just wouldn't stop staring. "What is it?" I snapped, crossing my arms over my chest. "Your stare is scarily intense."

He ignored the disturbed tone in my voice. "Honestly," he said, slowly and softly, "does it bother you that I'm famous?"

I blinked once, twice… and then laughed. "Bother me how?" I decided to humour him.

He looked, for once, uncomfortable. His eyes shifted away from my face to focus on something over my head. It was almost like… he didn't like the attention. "You know," he made a vague gesture, "being around someone… like me. Someone who isn't like you."

I couldn't help it tease him a little more. "No one is like me."

His eyes narrowed in my direction. "You know what I mean."

Chuckling, I ran a hand through my hair. "Why does it matter?" I finally settled with, tilting my head amusedly. "It's not like we're dating."

There was silence.

"I guess you're right," he said finally, voice unreadable.

"But if we were," I continued as if he didn't speak, "maybe it'll bother me a little."

His eyebrows puckered as he observed me thoughtfully. "Why's that? …Apart from the obvious."

I flashed a smile. "Which 'obvious' are you talking about?"

Blankly, he said, "The part where my life is practically publicized."

"That too." I shrugged. "It's a good thing that Faye's also used to the attention. If I were her…" my voice turned wry. "I don't know. I don't think I'll be able to handle the attention… on you."

"You wouldn't be able to handle the attention on me?" he quirked an eyebrow.

This was officially uncomfortable. Trying not to shift uneasily, I nodded once. "Let's face it, you're gorgeous. They'd be wondering why someone like you is with someone like me. I'm tough, but I don't think I'd be able to take the world's venom."

"I don't know," he said pensively, "you look pretty beautiful to me."

I felt my back stiffen but I only offered a tight smile. What a liar.

"So technically… no, it doesn't bother me."

I looked up at the silence and noted his still brooding expression. I had the most ridiculous urge to kiss him; the electricity in the air was almost scary. It was probably just me, but at that moment, I most certainly could not deny the way my body reacted to his. It was absurd.

I clenched my hand to my side, forcefully looking away from his dark eyes.

"You should stop looking at me," I said eventually.

He sounded amused. "And why is that?"

"Your girlfriend is drilling holes at my skull."

"She gets jealous easily," he said offhandedly, unperturbed. Stretching, he leaned back and grabbed a drink from a nearby table. "It was cute at first but now it's bordering obsessive." The face he made caused me stifle a rather squeaky giggle. God, I was becoming pitiable by the second.

"She's worried, is all," I said since I felt like he was waiting for me to say something.

"Yeah, well," he grunted. "She's not really my type, anyway."

My jaw dropped, and without thinking, I whirled to face him fully. I couldn't keep the shocked look off my face as I gaped at him. "You're leading her on?" I demanded, running a hand through my hair. I barely controlled my hiss, "What's wrong with you?"

"Whoa, calm down." He blinked his huge, innocent eyes at me. Like he didn't know. Was he seriously a player? After I admitted I was wrong? What was wrong with the world? "I'm not leading her on. I do like her, but as a friend." He frowned, quirking an eyebrow. "You do realize this is all for publicity?"

As soon as those words left his mouth, I felt my body go slack and I was sorely tempted to turn and flee. Oh. Well. This was… embarrassing.

Instead, I sighed and rubbed my forehead. "That's messed up," was the only thing I offered before pivoting around. "The things you do to stay known."

There was silence, the strange kind that made my back cold and make me feel like I said something wrong. It was a indescribable look on his face, kind of a mixture of frustration and pensiveness. In the end, he smiled wryly, and running a hand through his hair, he leaned back.

"It makes me sick," he said, the words almost a whisper but not quite. Eyebrow furrowed, I regarded him silently. He shrugged, jerking his chin away from me and his air of aloofness almost made me… hurt. For some stupid reason I didn't know why. "…I guess I should've known what I was getting into. Get the dream, but there will be consequences."

He snorted, and almost as fast as the cold exterior came, it disappeared. I didn't know how to make my expression, so I settled for a politely interested look.

"I like how real you are," he said suddenly. "I like that you don't like me and you don't pretend that you do just because I'm famous."

I was staring, but I couldn't help it. Well, shit. Talk about being stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Now I definitely can't make it seem like I actually liked him. Because… well, I'd just be another girl in his flock of harem.

Again, for some stupid reason, I wanted to be different.

Liking someone was such a pain in the ass. I had better things to do then worry about what he thought about me… and yet here I was, worrying. I sighed in annoyance.

"Yeah, well," I grumbled in distaste, "don't think anything of it. I dislike everyone equally."

That was true. Up until a certain point, anyway, but he didn't need to know that.

"And here I thought I was special," he joked.

He laughed when I gave him a look. For a while, we didn't say anything else; rather, our eyes assessed our surroundings, and I don't know about him, but I was trying very hard not to acknowledge his presence.

"Hey, baby," Faye smiled dazzlingly as she sashayed to us. Talen's lips quirked and he enveloped her into a hug she silently asked for. Faye, to my surprise, turned to face me. "So how are you liking the party?"

I observed her blankly for a moment. "It's alright." Only thirty minutes to go… thirty minutes… I can do this.

She smiled sort of mischievously. "So… have you seen anyone that interests you?"

I glanced at her sideways, trying hard not to quirk an eyebrow. She looked encouraging, and if her arm around Talen wasn't a clear message of 'BACK THE HELL OFF', then I don't know what was.

"Possibly," I replied listlessly, eyes roaming once again.

"Mm, who is it? Maybe I can hook you two up."

This time I did raise an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?"

"Of course," she said confidently. "You're… quite… attractive so it's not like you'll have that hard of a time. Plus, all the guys here are nice… usually," she added before suddenly, she eyed me critically and I felt an add sensation of embarrassment. "Of course… you'd have to change into something more… appealing." Her smile, which I thought was friendly, suddenly looked mocking in my eyes. "Wouldn't want to make a bad first impression, am I right?"

"Faye," Talen's voice reached my ears in an emotion I tried not to decipher.

I looked at her for a while, feeling that odd but predictable feeling of hurt run through my chest at her words. Right, she was gorgeous and I wasn't. Thank you very much for rubbing it in my face.

In the end, I only sighed and rubbed my face tiredly. Faye Daniels was nasty bitch, and I didn't have time for people like her. "You're horribly two-faced," I said finally, my voice matter-of-fact. "You may be beautiful, but your personality is complete shit. If you think that looks are all that matters then you are sorely mistaken… and stupid." I watched the smile fall off her face and eyes narrow into slits. I also saw the red rising in her face. I smiled slightly, "And because I know you care, even when you'd probably say you didn't… your roots are showing, I see a thousand split ends, and you can't act."

Faye pulled back, her eyes wide before a look of fury settled on her features. Right, time to leave!

Laughing, I backed away. "Truth hurts like a bitch, doesn't it?" I smiled sweetly over my shoulder before casually walking away from… the eruption of heated whisperes. My smile fell and I realized exactly how many people were listening. Oh shit.

So apparently I was known as the girl who told the sweet Faye Daniels off because I wanted Talen Spencer for myself.

That's a lie by the way… well, most of it.

"I hate it when people stare," I said out loud, rather pointedly as I shot a nasty look at someone who wasn't too discreet about his gaping.

"They're only staring at you because -"

"I know, I know," I interrupted Albert as he made himself comfortable next to me. "I look like that girl who told Faye Daniels off. …What? Don't look at me like - okay, it was me," I held my hands in front of me defensively. Albert snorted with laughter, his nerdy demeanour quite endearing at the moment.

I was going soft. I was. It wasn't my fault.

"So that guy with you before," Albert's tentative voice reached my ears. "Was he…?"

I made a face but nodded. "Yeah. Talen Spencer."

"So you do like him!"

"What - no! What the hell, was that some sort of confession?" I snapped before leaning back with a snort. "He's arrogant and annoying, and he thinks he's God's gift to women." I was lying. Talen was charming and modest… for the most part.

Oh god, I was so pathetic. I wanted to die.

"But you still like him."


Albert waggled his eyebrows and I wondered where the hell his fear of me went. The injustice. Was it just me, or was the world against me? "I think you're lying."

I wanted to smack him. "I don't! This is ridiculous. So what if I did like him, it's not like it means anything. There are millions of girls in the world who adore him and all that'll end up is misery and shattered hope." I had to laugh at his horrified gaze. "What? It's called reality."

"…and morbid."

"Reality," I repeated before turning my eyes away from him.


We both looked up blankly to see a rather tall and fitted male with a… wow, his smile was nice. I put on my best friendly employee smile, instead of curtly telling him that I was on a break… even though it ended twenty minutes ago. Ha.

"Hey, Finn," Albert grinned, bumping fists with the guy. Surprised, I assessed the two and noted they were friends. Huh. Well, clearly I didn't give Albert much - or any - credit. I was horrible.

I was abruptly aware of Finn staring at me. Um… hopefully I didn't have anything on my face. Who was I kidding, I had two hours of sleep last night and I shoved my face with chocolate. Of course I was going to break out.

Albert cleared his throat. "Uh, Finn, this is Sera. Sera, this is my friend, Finn."

I nodded politely. "Hi, nice to meet you." I shook his outstretched hand and he grinned. I felt a smile tug my lips.

"Nice to meet you, too."

"…You can let her hand go," Albert said flatly, trying - and failing - to hide his amusement. I felt my face burning as Finn winked at me. "He thinks he has game," Albert told me informatively.

"Hey! What're you talking about?" Finn tried to scowl, but the smile was winning. In the end, he shrugged and faced me sheepishly. "I'm nice, I promise."

I felt my smile suddenly freeze, and I thought back to the first time I met Talen. Why couldn't we meet like this? I suddenly felt immensely miserable. This was stupid.

Abruptly, I stood up. Both boys looked at me in confusion, and I just smiled. "Sorry, I'll be back in a second."

I casually walked to the front of the store, slowly letting my expression slip. All I really wanted to do right now was go underneath my blankets and stay there.

I stepped out onto the sidewalk, inhaling the fresh air, trying desperately to feel normal again. When I turned my head, I almost had a heart attack. Talen was standing there, as if he materialized out of no where, with his arms across his chest and he was… glaring at me?

I observed him blankly. "Hello…?" I said uncertainly. I glanced around, and noted that no one was on the street. Conveniently.

He didn't say anything.

I shuffled nervously. I haven't seen him in a week, and I gave up on ever seeing him two days after Leigh's surprise party. I had the strongest urge to cry at the realization that I'll never…

I didn't even want to finish that thought. This was what I was talking about with reality. It was a bitch.

I sighed tiredly. I just wanted to get over him as fast as possible. Maybe go back to my normal, boring and lonesome life. That sounded nice.

"Well I have work," I said flatly, "so enjoy standing there like a creeper."

I turned but I felt his hand wrap around mine so gently that I pulled away like I was burned.

Eyes wide, I turned to face him. "What is it?" I asked in an urgent whisper. "Are you okay?"

Talen laughed, frustrated. "I haven't seen you in a week," he told me.

I smiled slightly, "Well, we do lead different lives. Plus, school's kicking my ass."

He smirked, and I realized how close we were standing in front of each other. Discreetly, I tried to take a step back but his stare froze me in place.

There was a clawing feeling in my stomach, and eventually, I sighed. "Okay, look. I'm sorry that I called your girlfriend a bitch… but in my defence, she had that coming a mile away!" I tried not to huff. I failed. "I'm also sorry about the tabloids."

He looked bewildered and surprised. "You're sorry? It's not your fault that I'm hounded and they like getting into people's business." He ran a hand through his hair. "To be honest, I was too scared to face you."

"Why?" I furrowed my eyebrows, confused.

"Because…" he looked at me and sighed. "Because I thought that you didn't want anything to do with me anymore."

…So I gawked for about a minute, and he smiled slightly, awaiting my reply. In the end, I snickered before I began to laugh. This was hilarious. How the hell was I supposed to get over him now?

My life hurts, I decided and shrugged at Talen. "As long as I know Leigh, we should probably accept the fact that we'll be running into each other a few times."

"Right." He swallowed, and almost nervously, he ran a hand through his hair again. Bemused, I observed him. "But… Leigh doesn't always have to be there." At my blank stare, he continued, "We don't need her to keep talking."

"Oh." I nodded. "Yeah, I know."


Worried, I watched agitation flash across his face, and he seriously looked like he was going to be sick. I reached forward, gently grabbing his arm to lead him to a nearby bench. He froze underneath my hand.

"Who was that guy?" he suddenly demanded, eyes pinning mine out of no where. All I could do was blink.

"What guy?" I made a face, and then it clicked when he nodded to the store behind me. "Oh, you met Albert before, didn't you?"

"No." He suddenly looked pissed off. "The other one."

"Ah… you must be talking about Finn." I nodded sagely and smiled slightly at the thought of his smile.

"Right." He gritted the word out.

There was silence, almost like he was waiting for me to say something else. Eventually, I shrugged and pointed to the bench. "Want to sit down? You look a bit nauseous."

He stared. Groaned. Muttered a few curse words underneath his breath. And then glared at me again.

"What?" I snapped when he intensified his glare. "What the hell did I do?"

"Nothing," he snapped back just as annoyed. We both stalked to the bench and sat down rather roughly. I don't even know why I was dealing with this. Obviously I liked torturing myself, because otherwise I wouldn't even be near him.

And how the hell did he get away without anyone noticing him?

"How's Faye?" I asked, not bothering to hide the distaste in my voice. He chuckled at little at that, but took a while before he answered.

"I don't know," he said. "I broke up with her."

"Good," I said without missing a beat. "She wasn't very nice. Pretty, but not nice."

He smiled slightly, eyes on the street in front of us. "She's pretty like 'I'll look twice' pretty, but not like, 'I want to hold your hand' pretty." He slanted a look at me. "Get what I mean?"

"Er… sort of." I let out a laugh and leaned back. "What brings you here, anyway? Leigh doesn't have class until -"

"I know," he cut me off. "I came to see you."

I only nodded, letting my eyes drift away.

"When's your shift over?" he asked suddenly.

I frowned a little, patting my pockets. No cell phone. Without thinking, I grabbed Talen's arm and read the time. "In fifteen minutes," I said, releasing him. Before his warmth could leave, I felt his hand gently clasp my own, and I stared down for a few seconds, mind blank.

Slowly, I looked up.

"You're touching me," I said, my voice calm but I caught the slight waver.

He smirked. "You touched me."

"And I let you go." My eyes narrowed, despite my pounding heart.

He smiled easily, "I don't think I can say the same."

I opened and closed my mouth, but I couldn't seem to form words. What the hell?

"What are you doing?" I asked finally, glaring at our connected hands. I don't understand.

"Holding you hand."

"Yes." I tried not to hit him. "Why?"

"Because I want to. Why else?"

"Whatever," I settled for, because I honestly didn't understand, and I was too annoyed and enjoyed this too much to argue. It was official. I was a masochist.

"So that Finn guy," he said casually, without glancing at me. "Who is he?"

I looked at him, confused. "I don't know. I just met him." He didn't say anything else, but seemed to relax. I sighed, absentmindedly playing with his hand since he wouldn't release me, anyway. Maybe I could cut his finger… I'm kidding. Mostly.

"Do you regret meeting me?" he said quietly, his voice barely a whisper. I smiled straight ahead since I knew he wasn't looking at me. I loved how nervous he was.

"Believe me, if I had a choice, I wouldn't have agreed."

He snorted. "At least you're honest."

"Tabloids tell lies," I said.

He laughed. "Why? Did something change?" He grinned slyly, turning to look at me. I felt his hand tighten around my own, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it felt right to have him next to me, smiling so easily.

"Maybe," I conceded, smirking. "I'm still talking to you, aren't I?"

His eyes pinned mine. "So you like me."

"What's there to like?" I challenged, raising my eyebrows.

He laughed out rightly. "Baby, that list goes on forever." I only smiled, and when he pulled me to his side, I let him. "So I have it bad for this one girl," he said softly, so softly I had to strain my ears to hear him. Even then, I felt like he didn't say anything.


"But I'm pretty sure she wants nothing to do with me."

"That's too bad," I said listlessly. "You seem pretty charming."

"I'd like to think so. Then again, she probably doesn't care whether I am or not." He chuckled. And almost slowly, he said the words, "Do you think I have a shot?"

I could practically hear his heart pounding. He was trying so hard that I couldn't help but laugh a little.


His smile fell. "But I've been trying."

I smirked. "I know."

He eyed me, a sort of acknowledgment lighting his eyes. And then a mischievous smirk took hold of his lips and I couldn't help but admire his looks. "So I should give her up?"

"Easier said than done," I replied with a shrug. I looked at him amusedly, taking my previous words back. "You're Talen Spencer. You can have anything you want in the world."

He was silent. "What about you?"

"What about me?" I asked almost lazily.

"Can I keep you in my life?"

Bewildered, I turned to face him, but his eyes were serious and holding mine forever. I felt an unexplainable surge in my chest, and almost relaxingly, I bowed my head to hide my smirk.

"Since you asked so nicely," I said, laughing when he suddenly pulled me to his chest. He grinned down at me, face lightened.

"You won't regret meeting me," he said, voice almost fierce. Like he wanted to prove something. "I'm not that bad of a guy."

If he only knew what I thought about him… he wouldn't be this nice. The thought almost made me laugh out loud but I managed to quell the reaction. Instead, I only smiled. "I already know."

Author's note:

Dedicated to Alkali Alias

Thanks for the ideas… and the inspiration! HAHAH!


University fic in which a girl befriends super-star actress and eventuallymeets her best friend, a well-known player and actor. He starts chasing girl whois attracted to him but knows in her head it's not a good idea.

Hopefully I did this right. Thanks for reading, m'loves.