Warning: This story is rated M for the following:

Graphic content including: gore, horror, male x male sex, violence, languge

A/N: I know, I know. It's a bit slow going at first, but keep reading. I hope you all enjoy it!

Prologue; Crossfire:

On the backdrop of a night sky, a Demon flew towards his destination. Harsh winds whipped his long, white hair into his ashen-skinned face as he soared urgently over small villages, searching for a statue that he was supposed to be at already.

Arriving late he was relieved that the Angel was still waiting, smiling up at the other with a kind patience that only served to irritate the Demon further. Pulling himself out of a dive, he folded up his wings and faced the Angel defiantly; arms crossed and red eyes glaring towards the other.

"Decadence," the Angel greeted; his voice echoing with other-worldly power.

The Demon growled at his spoken name. "Lysander," he countered before spitting to the side of himself – as if saying the name of the Angel had left a bad taste in his mouth.

In an instant Decadence sprung, claws extended, with enough force to knock God's child back.

"Feisty as ever I see," said Lysander, smirking.

Again, Decadence growled low in the back of his throat; in no mood for the Angel's games. This was going to be the end of it.

With a swift motion of his arm, and a little bit of magic, Lysander threw the Demon off and regained his composure in the allotted seconds. Before he knew it, Decadence was already back on his feet springing forward again, going in for the kill. He cupped his hands, gathering a fire in them before blasting it at the Angel.

Lysander's hands flew up to his face and, using more magic of his own, the fire vaporized yards before it hit him.

Angels never killed. It was God's law; they had to obey. Decadence assumed an advantage, but it was perhaps his biggest mistake of all; underestimating the power that God bestowed upon his Angels.

The Angel launched himself into the air and Decadence did the same, chasing after the other without any delay. He'd been waiting for the moment to take it to the sky - dark, nightmarish black wings unfolded and beat the air in an effort to keep up.

"Running away, are you?" the Demon screeched, overcome by such a blood thirst that the Angel turned back to survey the Demon once more.

"I'm not running. I'm flying, you brainless Demon," Lysander shot back, soaring impossibly faster.

"Coward!" Decadence accused angrily. "Face me. Let's end this once and for all!"

In a split second, the tables turned. The Angel stopped mid-air, wings outstretched; wide open arms caught Decadence as they collided. "No," the Angel whispered, wrapping himself around the other's body. "You will be trapped for all eternity, so by His Grace."

Decadence's eyes widened in fear as he was restrained by Lysander. They were tumbling through the air as the Angel's limbs pressed bat-like, leathery black wings to the Demon's sides, and there was nothing he could do.

With a brilliant white flash of light, Decadence continued falling into nothingness, but Lysander had long disappeared. At that moment, he knew there would be no end. He would keep falling and falling until he was free again. Until some unwitting human set him loose on the world.

'Not again,' he thought angrily.