Chapter Thirteen; Better Than Blood

Two weeks after fucking that Human I was killing less and less. Approximately three hundred people less than yesterday, which was definitely three hundred times less than the day before.

The one thing.

The one thing only that was good in my life - that brought me sanity - was blood. And at that moment I felt... full. Or, as full as I'd ever get because I was feeling so damn sane that there really was not a drive or need for any more of it.

Now, staring around hard at the horror before me, I felt empty; still, as I always seemed to feel when I was away from the Human.

As if I'd ever let him know he was better than blood.

What I had – or I suppose what Lysander had given to me – was a cure in the form of a pet. And it was literally tearing me in two. I had been made to kill, and kill only. It was the only instinct I had. I didn't have the luxury of any more.

And now I'd been bound with a Human; the most ridiculous of God's creations. Demons mocked that they'd been lovingly crafted, like toys and played with all the time. Their creator loved it, instilling there a unique loyalty to him, telling them to keep it clean or else. But it was a part of his soul, and we needed energy.

We'd do whatever it took to suck it dry.

The whole thing was Lysander all over again. That Angel was actually the only other pitiful human I had ever known, or remembered. My first indulgence. He had smelt so good that day – so pure that I literally couldn't help to sink my teeth in and ruin him. I knew he had been destined to be an Angel – a soul that pure - and I admit also knowing that was what made me kill him in the first place.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would have killed Hollis too. Even knowing the mistake I'd made with Lysander. He just smelled that good. It was unbearable really. I was just driven to want to spill his blood as many ways as I could and I so desperately wanted it that I would tear myself apart to get it.

I was surrounded by gore, by smoke, by carnage and damage. I'd gotten smarter for sure. No longer was I killing even in the same country. With the newfound strength and speed, I'd sometimes travel thousands of miles, unseen, to begin.

Right now, there was nothing left to do. So I turned around and headed home – which was really more or less wherever I kept him. He'd probably be confused that I was back early, again. But if he suspected anything he didn't say. Actually, he never said much to me lately.

Maybe I'd gone too far, fucking him like that. But what else was I expected to do? He was always pulling desperately on the connection, wanting more and more of me, and he was so simple and dumb like all Humans were, that he couldn't even see it himself. That night it was like he had gotten onto his knees, and had begged me to ruin him too.

Sure, he'd been asleep when he'd done it, but by the time he woke up I'd already agreed. After all, he really did smell good. And so what if he didn't scream or bleed or feel any sort of pain in the least? What was the worst thing that could happen?

I never expected it to feel that good because, usually, the only reason that a Demon has sex in the first place is for its own gain. Stealing energy, or tainting souls so that they may be sent to Hell and used. We didn't need it to mate or any of that nonsense. We were created this way. My dick was a weapon, and it certainly wasn't meant for pleasure, which we were absolutely not allowed to taste.

And Hollis was the closest thing to it, which amazed me. He was just the special flea, picked from billions, to be the one to take the taint for the good of Earth. There was nothing special about him.

But why then was it feeling like way more than that? There had to be something else, something I was missing. That son of a bitch Lysander was up to something, biding his time.

Heh. Like Hell I'd let him beat me again.


Hollis stared back at me defiantly, and it only made me want to wipe that particular look from his face even more. "I'm not hungry," he replied dryly.

Really. "I believe I said to fucking eat, you dirty Human. I don't give a shit if you're hungry or not." Mostly because it seemed to me he was using this excuse more and more. When I first met him, he'd been so healthy it wasn't even funny. Now he had large puffy circles around his eyes, and had started to lose weight.

The puffy eyes in question narrowed at me and he leaned forward a little, sure to piss me off with his courageous defiance. "Why don't you fucking make me then!" he shouted.


The air around me cackled dangerously as I sucked back the urge to just blow this whole fucking place apart. I grabbed the sandwich with my hand and held it up for him to see. "Don't think I'll hesitate to shove this down your fucking throat," I growled. "Because I won't. Last chance."

The defiance flickered, but only for a moment as he looked from the sandwich in my hand to my face. Then he ran, and the instinct to hunt him down came over me so fast that he only really got a chance to make it to the cupboard before I caught him. He struggled desperately, and then he whipped around – a large knife held to his throat.

"I'll do it," he said. "I'll do it if you don't let go of me."

I held onto his free wrist roughly. "I'm faster than you, and stronger than you. You think you'll get far with that plan?"

"I don't care. I'd rather die than have you touch me," he said and the words were bitter and disgusted, but underneath I could feel the subtle way he was actually leaning forward, drawn to be closer.

I couldn't help but laugh at him. "You're giving mixed signals again," I hissed, and as he was distracted with my words I'd grabbed the knife from him and all but flung it across the room. "Come on, let's do it again."

The air between us cracked as Hollis obviously processed my words. He knew what I was talking about, and he turned his face away stubbornly, as if knowing that looking into my eyes wasn't a good idea. "In your dreams," he said, pulling his wrist out of my grip and folding his arms.

My hands dug into the cupboard, one on each side of the Human so as to keep him from going anywhere. I cornered him like a mouse and I leaned in so close that I knew he could feel and smell my breath. It would help in trying to attract him. "You liked it last time," I assured him. "How could you forget your own slutty voice? I don't."

If he was fazed by the words he didn't show it, he remained completely calm and his eyes were pointedly looking everywhere but at me. "You fucking stinky Demon, how many times do I have to tell you that if you start anything I'm going to call him."

"Do it," I challenged. "Let him watch because I'm sure he'd like it. You know, he acted like a whore when I fucked him too."

Damn I was wound up like a fucking top, how could he expect me to hold back any longer? If we did it before the connection got so unbearable again, we'd both be happier and stronger.

But the fact remained that if Lysander was called, I really couldn't touch him.

And I should've been taking him seriously, because just yesterday I had lost it in my desperation to get to the connection and Lysander had showed up and had swept Hollis away until I was calmed down.

Then again, the Human hadn't called him yet, and I noticed it was longer and longer before he did recently. I was still going to try. I was always going to try.

He was still looking stubbornly away from me, but he hadn't said anything in response to my comment so I brought my teeth to his ear and scraped them along with no intention of biting and all the intention in seducing. "Don't you want to taste my blood again?" The connection stirred happily in the pit of my stomach, and I pressed myself into him. "I'd let you."

Provoking the monster in Hollis also wasn't the best way to go about things. The last thing I wanted to do was fuel the distant part of my curse he had to live through, because then I'd be playing with something I really had no idea about. But if it made it so he would let me fuck him six ways to Sunday, then I was going to do it.

I was desperate.

His hands pressed against my chest, pushing me away. "Whatever happened to not using the connection by whatever means? It seems you're the only one interested in using it."

"You know, and I know that there's really no point fighting it," I said, but then suddenly Hollis had disappeared in front of me.

DAMNIT! Not again!

I whipped around angrily to Lysander who was chastely staring at me from across the room, Hollis behind his back. The look he gave me let me know he was relishing in this escape, and he even had the nerve to stick his tongue out at me.

"Why you little – " I took a step forward but an invisible barrier presented itself and I knew Lysander meant business.

"Honestly, Decadence, you're humiliating yourself."

My muscles ached. They literally tensed and un-tensed in my anxiousness to follow the gut instinct to rip and kill the two in front of me. If Lysander knew I'd already fucked Hollis, he didn't say. In fact, he didn't say much about my reasons for wanting to in the first place.

Then, as the two disappeared once more – to someplace else until it seemed okay to put us back together again – I lost it. First it was the kitchen cupboards. I'd ripped them out and thrown them away from myself with enough force to have them go flying through the wall and into the yard. Next it was the walls, which I flamed until I was standing in the middle of an all consuming fire, and the house was crumbling around me. Pieces of ceiling fell on me, and I punched and kicked at them, causing as much damage as I could to vent out the anger and frustration of losing again.

What the fuck else was I going to do?

A/N: So, I'm going to start putting my Author's Notes on the bottom of my chapters. Starting with this one. How many of you were surprised to see Decadence's point of view?

I totally promised myself I wouldn't. But – writing in Hollis', there was only so much I could get across. It actually made me not want to continue the story anymore even though I have plans. Big plans that I can't get out of my head.

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