I just don't get it.

Get what?

What's so special about her?

Who? The monster?

What does she have that I don't have?

A boyfriend. Title of first born. Freedom.

Why do they worship her and shun me?

Because apparently mother thinks you're going to hell anyway.

Why does she say that to me and not her? What's wrong with me?

Oh, you know. You're nice and sweet. You have a sense of humor and a strong will.

Why can't they just accept me?

You always smile and are tough outside and in. No matter how many times they cut you, you always get right back up and fight.

Why do they hate me?

You're considerate, thoughtful, different, and all those other horrible things.

I mean, I always buy stuff for them.

So? She only spends money on herself.

I always think of them and get them souvenirs when I go off island for school.

And? She always blows her money on drugs and shit.

I do well in school! Been a straight-A student my whole life!

That's it? She's been a straight-C student. You can't compete.

I do loads of community service! I actually LIKE helping people?

And? She can barely help herself.

I always make sacrifices for them, for her! I have to give up a lot!

So? She makes everyone give up a lot. Big deal.

She's hot blooded! A ticking time bomb that goes off repeatedly!

And you're quiet and meek. Gross.

She's conceited! Dishonest! Loyal only to herself!

You're humble and trustworthy. How boring.

She acts like a child!

You're more childish.

She's twenty one and she still needs to be watched!

Well, you can look out for yourself so it's fine.

She's a delinquent who constantly breaks the law!

And you have a perfect record?

She's the one with the boyfriend and the car! Why can she go and abandon me but I always have to watch and protect her?

Well you ARE her little sister. It's your job to protect her.

It's supposed to be the other way around! She can't just leave me here, all alone with a rapist on the loose and NOT lock the door without telling me!

Eh, she's the oldest. She can do whatever she wants.

She's so lazy!

You're just too hardworking.

She doesn't cook! She doesn't clean! She doesn't even do her own laundry!

That's what you're for. Like, hello!

She doesn't even keep her own hygiene! She makes her boyfriend give her baths and put on her clothes and shave her and comb her hair and put her food and brush her teeth.

Go find yourself a boyfriend then. It's not like anyone would want you though.

I'm surprised she can even breathe on her own!

Oh, stop whining like a little bitch.

She owns the car but I have to drive the boys around. Her brothers!

They're your brothers too, ya know. It's your job to play taxi.

I always have to pay for gas and food! She never has money!

She does. It's just, you know, for her drugs and make up. Oh, and condoms. Don't forget her boyfriend's condoms.

I have to take time off of school to help them with projects and take them places.

Well she IS taking a break from college, isn't she? She needs to relax. Plus, you're taking AP and honor classes. The stress is good training.

But they still treat her better than me! What's so good about her?

She's prettier than you, that's for sure. God, why're you so ugly?

I look just like my mom!

No, your mom's pretty. Sorry, honey. You're the reject.

I cook for them. I clean for them. I play taxi. I sacrifice so much and they treat me like dirt!

Stop complaining and go make her a sandwich. I can hear her calling you. Don't act like you're deaf.

They worship her! She can't even take the blame for her stupid actions!

Hey, she tried to kill herself! Mom did say that was your fault, right? Deal with it.

When I tried to kill myself they just locked me in a room and started whipping me!

Get over yourself.

I still have the scars. And that was years ago!

She never got whipped in her life.

That's because for every bad thing she did Dad hit me! ME! Like it was my fault!

You're supposed to be the smart one, right? Stop being a dumbass and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. Duh~


I don't know. Maybe I'm falling for her too.


If you keep acting pathetic like this and comparing yourself to her, you'll stay miserable for the rest of your life.

I don't-

Don't give me that bullshit. You may not do it as often as before, but you still do it. It's disgraceful.

The world hates you.

Life sucks and then you die.

Deal with it.

… You were being sarcastic, weren't you?