Searching in a sea of dead,
looking for a lost love.
Stopped dead by a small frame,
with intricate features.

Plunging forward without thought,
arms wrapping round the sleeping face.
The expected tears began to stream,
it was her second gone in just a week.

Several months of anticipation,
and hours of waiting in the hospital.
Ten or more years spent caring,
all gone in the ring of a gun shot.

Many other voices cry in harmony,
like a massive choir of grieving souls.
All only scream to heaven,
hoping to revive lost members.

But those mothers had others,
like little girls and spouses waiting.
she had absolutely nothing left,
to keep her going in this angst.

Overwhelmed by total despair,
she wipes out a gleeming object.
In a swift motion from left to right,
she joins her family in the other world.

A/N: -Based on an image in my mind when I watched a video on the Sri Lankan Civil war. How a mother cried so hard for a lost family member.