Crazy laughter shaking soul,
just a hollow shell,
vibrating to its tune.

When voices fade away,
what's left is nothing,
but a deeper vault,
that even air cannot fill.

Insane ideas running through,
just an unseen charcoal,
trying to ignite some sparks.

When darkness surrounds,
the only sound heard,
is the echoes of teary hics,
drowning every being in agony.

A/N: There's no such thing as pure angst, for angst an joy cannot exist without the other. They exist as a comparison, and as such, there will always be the other end, which is happiness and joy. Even if I'm alone in happiness or grief, I'll stand strong and prevail through the darkest storms, for that's where I find the sweetest fruit of success awaiting.

And should all those out there go through darkness, pain ,grief, sorrow, agony, hatred, despair -- Never forget, the sweetest fruit of success is waiting for you at the very end (: