Love Yourself More

Within a distance,
in the haze,
a certain shadow,
lingers in this maze.

Coming to halt,
juncture of many ways,
which to choose,
or should I just stay?

Desires branching dreams,
just a lost wounded soul,
struggling to surface,
trying to reach the goal.

Always too far the grasp,
often distantly close,
it's time to choose,
into dreams or out of mist?

Hopes that lay far ahead,
reality that's catching up,
if no move is made,
it's only 'fall into warp'.

Only when you can,
help a friend in need,
if it's so depressing,
then no point of the deed.

Pushing pessimism,
forcing happiness,
always hurting oneself,
when patching others.

No more optimism,
goodbye affection,
no point loving others,
so why pay their pension?

But is it that difficult,
is it only a waste of time,
to ask an empty hole,
to just love itself more?

A/N: I know that for most of my recent writes, I have A/Ns. But can't help it :X

This poem, is to show the haywire, erratic living I am.

The change of perspectives... It wasn't intentional, and I'm sorry to anyone who find it irritating.

This poem, is my life as a person who cares too much for the world around, and forgets about the most important person on earth --- herself. Always turning a blind eye to the issues she's going through, until it hits her on the head so hard, she faints. When she wakes, she is fresh and new again, pushing all her negativity inwards, boring a hole into herself.

I wish I can more mean, wish I won't give myself up to help others. I hate this me I am.