This is a story my friend asked me to write, so it's not really mine. I have her permission to put it here, though ^^

Enrique sighed as he watched the scenery swish by. Rivers, lakes, islands, mountains, everything was as perfect examples of nature's beauty. Under him, the motor made a lot of noise. If it hadn't been for the rather uneven road one could've almost felt engine working, the wheels bore down the road and accelerate. This drive had taken much too long and he was fed up with the never ending countryside. He opened the window and felt the warm summer breeze blowing in the wavy brown hair. A whiff of sea air struck him. He slowed down, put his arm out the window, and stopped. He had arrived at the town of Dubrovnik. A city surrounded by high walls, guardtowers and the sea. Knowing there was a monastery inside the city, he quickly decided to take a small trip up there to stretch his legs and to let the engine rest. Cursing at the rocky driveway, he pulled up in front of the wall. He drew a deep breath as he opened the door and stepped out of his car. He swung the keys around his finger once, before he confidently put them in the pocket of his new designer jeans. Silently walking through the market, he reached the building. He stood still, watched, even at home in Italy would have to look far for something this magnificent. Every little detail called to him. monastery was not as lavish as churches or his mansion, but it was big and lavish enough for him to understand it was a school. Monks in brown robes with books in their hands scurried around, often walking together with a younger person clad in shorter, white robes that had to be students.

Smiling to himself, he walked into the building, admiring the details in the stone. He turned a corner and crashed into someone. Books fell to the cobblestone floor as he heard a yelp and the other person ended up on the ground. Bending to his knees, Enrique picked up some scattered books and papers as the other got up.

"Thank you… um…"

Enrique looked at the boy for the first time. He was Cute. With a capital 'c'. He smiled at him.

"Enrique. And it wasn't any trouble... erh…"

"Oh, sorry. My name's Aleksei. Are you familiar with this place? We don't have many visitors."

"I can't really say I am. I stopped here because I needed a break, and this seemed like a good place to stop."

Aleksei grinned up at him and took his books from Enrique's hands. The older man purposefully let his fingers brush against the younger's as he withdrew.

"Where there anything you wanted to see?"

"I've heard a lot about the monasteries having gardens within the building, not outside."

"Could show you if you'd like, but I'll have to go to class in an hour."

Enrique looked after the white robe that disappeared around the corner when Aleksei had to go. Personally, he would've liked more time with the young student, but he kind of admired that he would put school first. Deciding to look around the garden, he got to his feet. He had been busy admiring the architecture earlier, and now he started on the gardening. Fruit trees and a small herb-garden, together with patches of flowers with the path twisting around. In the middle of it all was a well, adorned with Latin words and phrases, most likely biblical verses. Whoever had designed the building and the garden deserved a good pat on the shoulder.

Aleksei was surprised when he found that Enrique had waited for him before moving on. He sat down next to the older man and they fell back in the small chatter they had before Aleksei had to run to his lesson earlier.

"So you don't have any more classes today?"

"No, but now I wonder what I should do for the rest of the day."

"Want to hang out a bit?"

Aleksei nodded. Although the teachers had told him that one should always be wary of strangers, there was something about this man, something exciting, something new. Having no other thing to do, he decided that it could probably be fun to get out of the monastery for a while, and he had talked to Enrique already, so the elder wasn't a total stranger.

The smaller boy smiled charmingly and Enrique acted without thinking. He gently ensnared Aleksei's wrist and led him out to the car.

"Where are we going?!"

Aleiksei tried to pull his hands out of Enrique's grip, but he was too weak. Little by little he had to give way, and followed obediently after the dark-haired man.

Enrique just grinned mysteriously, making the other male want to follow just to see where Enrique was taking him.

"You'll see."

Climbing in behind the wheel, he unlocked the door for Aleksei and watched as the smaller sat down and buckled up, obviously having been in a car before. He could see the smaller ravenette's awe of his car shine in his eyes. Enrique was secretly very proud of his car. No wonder, considering that it had cost him over 1 million. It told others that he had money and the fact that there was no bumps or scrapes in the paint told people he was an experienced driver. That and he loved to see how jealous some young males could get because of it.

Pulling out on the road again, Enrique put his car's nose in the direction of his mansion. His vacation had turned for the better when he had found Aleksei and he was certainly going to enjoy his stay in Croatia this time.

"So what brought you to Dubrovnik, Enrique?"

Aleksei hoped Enrique wouldn't drive all that far as he didn't feel completely comfortable. But anyway, it couldn't hurt? Just a short trip, for the sake of experience?

"I have a vacation house here, and I'm on a vacation, so I came here. It's situated a few hours from the monastery so just relax and sleep if you want."

The reason he told Aleksei to sleep was because he then couldn't see the exact way back, and Enrique could see his sleeping face. It would without a doubt be cute.

Aleiksei closed his eyes and hoped he hadn't made a bad choice.