Enrique huffed as he sat down in the plush chair, a glass of red wine in his hand. Aleksei had been avoiding him for the last two days and he honestly couldn't think of anything he did to make the other act like he was. He had almost resembled a skittish dog, yelping and then running away. Sipping the wine, the brunette attempted to come up with a reason; once again drawing a blank. He closed his eyes, blocking out the world for a moment. He knew Aleksei had trouble deciding on what to follow between his religion or what he'd gotten to see while outside the monastery. But was that reason enough to avoid him like the plague? He didn't think so and he would make it known. His lips quirked as he recalled the image of a flushed Aleksei trying to hide the adorable pink cheeks behind his hand. Well, he would give the black haired man one more day and then he would hunt him down to drag the truth out of him. And possibly molest him a bit. He couldn't wait to see those bright red cheeks again, not to mention the glazed eyes…

Really, when would he learn to not think of the other man like that? Now he had to calm himself down and take a shower. Or find Aleksei, but that probably wouldn't go over well. Enrique put the glass down and headed to the bathroom. He would think more tomorrow. Aleksei had until sun down to stop hiding.

He stepped under the hot spray, closing his eyes in bliss. It probably should have been cold, but that wasn't half as fun. The door was unlocked as well, given that only he and the object of his affection, or was it obsession, lived in the mansion. And he kind of wanted to see what Aleksei would do if he came in and got an eyeful. Enrique snickered before closing his eyes and getting lost in his little fantasies.

Darn it! He really needed to pee and it sounded like Enrique was in the shower. But he didn't have the time to search for another bathroom and part of him wanted to see how the brunette looked like when he was soaking wet. The last time he'd had the chance to see that, he was still not fond of the older man and he'd been in the middle of being groped, so he hadn't exactly looked. And now he wanted to see. Swallowing, he cautiously opened the door, moving to do his business hurriedly before turning to stare at the shower curtain. He had a full silhouette and a prominent gap between curtain and wall to peep in. Soft moaning filled the room and he watched as glistening tan skin rippled with the movements of Enrique's hand. The brown eyes were clamped shut and the lips fell open as the groans grew louder. Aleksei bit his own lip, unable to look away from the sight. The body in the shower shuddered and the spell was broken. Dark eyes widened and he let out a squeak. And then he bolted for the door, not seeing Enrique poke his head out from behind the shower curtain or the twitch of his mouth.

He ran all the way to his room, leaping onto the bed and hiding under the blankets. He felt like a little kid, but at the same time he didn't want to face the world just yet. The feeling was almost indescribable; the closest would be a mix between a tingling heat and a tickling sensation spreading from his head to down between his legs. It wasn't quite the same as the times the older man had assaulted him. It was missing the warmth of a hand that wasn't his own. He silently whined. If he ignored it, would it go away by itself? Grumbling, he curled up and went to sleep.

He smiled as he watched Aleksei's sleeping face from where it popped up from beneath the sheets. He'd forgotten to lock his door again. The younger man looked so peaceful. Chuckling to himself, he brushed the black hair away from the pale face. Aleksei shifted in his sleep, mumbling a bit. Enrique stripped out of his shirt and climbed up beside the other, pulling the blanket over them both. Oh, it would be so much fun to see Aleksei's reaction in the morning!

Ok, I have a problem. I may have been able to squeeze out two new short chapters, but I honestly have no idea what I should write next or where it's going... Anyone have a suggestion?