I try to remember,

Where I used to be innocent.

Such blissful times they were.

Why did everyone change?

I used to be able to look up towards them,

But now I can only look at them with disgust.

Now, I've realized some truths.

On how stupid I was to believe people like me existed.

That only fakes exist.

That people lie, and hide behind their well written words.

Now the only thing that will suffice is action.

Through all things I've been through I can now truly say,

"I'm scared."

I'm scared,

Because if I can't look up towards them.

Who do I look up to?

I feel so torn inside.

I know that after time.

These scars will heal,

But they will never fade away.

They will always carry those moments.

The fake moments I thought were true.

And I will look back and laugh at my foolishness.

My stupidity.

My foolishness in thinking,

That people like them could exist.

"I'm scared."

I've decided to say "I'm sorry."

Even though I won't be forgiven.

These actions follow me.

Are you ashamed?

That people can be driven off so easily.

That you don't regret what you did?

That you didn't think about what you did?

Do you even think?

About all the people that have been ignored?

Do you even think?

About all the different views?

Yet, you try to justify yourself to me.

Yet, you try to talk to me.

I wrote this because of something I've experienced. It's torn me apart inside and people are still trying to justify what right was given to them to treat someone like that. I seriously right now just want to go justify my own damn self but I know it won't work because they'll be busy being the douches they are.

Please, ignore that. I group of people pissed me off and fail to see what they did. So, I'm a bit mad....They're still giving me grief on it.....=3=;;