My first Greek myth. Please comment nicely!

It was a warm spring day in modern London. Riding through Hyde Park in a long black limousine was a little old lady with a yappy dog. But what no one knew was that the rich old lady in diamonds and furs was really Helen of Troy!

Helen was the daughter of Zeus, but not a true immortal. She stayed young only by draining the youth from others. Others like the pretty girl on the bicycle, who swerved too late to avoid a grazing blow from Helen's fancy motor car. Having magic powers helped to make sure the girl wasn't too seriously injured for the magic that would follow.

"My dear, I'm terribly sorry! We didn't even see you there on your bicycle. Are you hurt? Can you walk?"

"No problem, ma'am. I'm right as rain, just a bit shaky!" Alice Fairchild was a cheerful soul, a student and part-time pizza delivery girl who always looked on the bright side of things. Being knocked off her bike gave her the chance to make friends with the nice old lady and the cute little dog.

"You really must let me offer you a cup of tea," the old lady said, once Alice and her bike were safely loaded into her car. In no time at all they were back at Helen's lair.

"Oh my," sighed the rosy-cheeked blonde in bike shorts, admiring a Greek statue. "Your house is like a real museum!"

"Yes, I adore the past." Helen handed her guest a cup of tea. "Drink this, and I'll be right back with some lovely cakes."

Alice would have drunk the tea at once, only she noticed how the little black dog was looking at her. His sad brown eyes made her uneasy. She got up and explored the parlor, enjoying the priceless artwork. And then she saw the ancient Greek scroll, with shocking pictures that revealed everything.

The girl was sleeping soundly by the time Helen came back into the room. It was always so easy to put them under. Helen's tea contained the same forbidden herbs the priestesses had used in Delphi over two thousand years ago. Now came the important part. The transfer of youth and beauty from one human being to another. The withered old woman slowly approached the sleeping beauty on the sofa.

"It's no good, Helen." The slim, dark-eyed young man was as handsome as a Greek god. His flawless body was absolutely naked, except for the fancy silver dog collar around his neck.

"Paris! How did you – how dare you – stay away from me!" Helen backed away in stiff-legged horror as the lover she had betrayed so many centuries ago came towards her. Already her body was drying up, her bones cracking. The girl had done this to her. But how? Helen crumbled to dust just as the beauty on the sofa opened her innocent blue eyes.

"There's just one thing I don't understand," Alice said, a few days later. She was walking in the park with Paris, just another couple enjoying the beautiful spring day. "How could Helen have gotten away with this for so long? I mean, in all the centuries, no other girl ever looked into your eyes?"

"Pretty sad, huh?" Paris smiled sadly as he watched a bunch of little kids feeding the ducks. "I guess most people only see the outside of a person. When I was mortal, I was like that too. Totally in love with physical beauty. Helen was my punishment, Alice. You're my reward – my eternal bride."

As her hot new boyfriend kissed her lips, Alice felt a great change come over her, a sizzling new awareness. She was immortal – and she was through delivering pizzas!