mouthing (at) her 'til his lips
rolled back and he smiled -
he is a bastard, he is.

"i am the hunger, the hunter,
the one who will gun you
down, break you down,
take you down to the very
pits of hell."

don't remember what's been
forgotten -- misbegotten, but he wanted her
when she turned eleven --
"oh, and i love you, baby."

she is the bastard, she is.

fuck it - she's pulling her red
hunter hat on, peak to the front,
because she's lost someone, too;
it was the cancer, too.

he didn't lie, she knows
she's broken; there's nowhere for her
to run, away from that man
singing over her crib:

he's in all the family photos.

This started as another "chapter" of brief&bitter, then somehow spiralled out of control.

Freaked myself out a little while writing it, heh.