I am there for you

But I know you won't call

I dream every night about what we used to share

But I know you won't be dreaming about us

At least I had the time of my life

I'll keep memories that will never vanish

I would like to wish you good luck

But I'm not mature enough


I wish you could know how you made me feel

Experience some of my pain

I would want to forget about everything and leave

But there are pictures I just can't erase

Melodies that will always be our songs

You made me suffer and now I want you to suffer

I'm selfish and childish I know

But I'm just not mature enough


I really would love to at least call you "a friend"

Maybe share a couple of drinks

Watch a movie with you and laugh like a fool

But that would not be me

I just can't live knowing you're in other arms

So unbelievable happy and joyful

I'm so selfish I know

But I'm just not mature enough…


I can't say "I'm so happy for you tonight!"

My heart just can't take it anymore

How I desire to just quit

And left behind all my worries for once and for all

I don't wanna see you laughing and smiling

Knowing you're about to start a new chapter in your life

I'm so idiotic I know

And that's why I deserve to be alone…