Protection In A Wild Land

Chapter 22 ~ Late Night Visitor

Taylor was woken sometime in the early morning by a loud knock on his door. He woke slowly and peered, dazed, into the darkness. Was there someone out there or was he just imagining things again? He waited a moment but the sound came once more and the sleepy haze began to clear from his mind. Maybe it was Major Bailey. The thought made Taylor's stomach flip before he realised it was a ridiculous idea. Why would Major Bailey visit him at this hour? Oh God, what if it was about Colonel Dawes…

Heart pounding, he called out. ''H-hello?''

The door slowly began to open. Taylor realised he was beginning to clutch onto the covers viciously as bizarre notions started to trickle into his head, replacing the numbing tiredness. It could be an Indian, just there, right across the room from him. The whole fort could have been destroyed and he could be the only one left amongst the wreckage, everybody killed or captured or… Don't be so damn ridiculous. He found he could barely breathe, chest constricted in anticipation.

General Prior gradually peered around the door frame. Taylor stared, confused, surprised, yet not any less frightened.

''G-General?'' he stuttered. ''I – Is there something wrong?''

Prior came into the room, closing the bedroom door behind him and Taylor could have sworn he saw him smiling a little. He sat up the bed as Prior perched next to him. ''Dandy – how many times have I told you not to leave your door unlocked?'' he whispered quietly. Taylor's stomach tied up even more as he smelled the alcohol on his breath.

''General, I – I forgot…'' He saw Prior's smile widen through the darkness which was slowly clearing and revealing the look on the general's face. Taylor leant away a little as he placed a hand on his cheek. ''Um… '' was the weak sound that came from him. ''General…I – the report. How is the report?''

Prior looked surprised at that question yet he soon began to laugh. ''Taylor,'' he said softly. ''The report is fine. You needn't worry about it. I have been thinking…long and hard…and Dandy – I don't wish to think about today anymore. Not tonight.''

Taylor slowly nodded, knowing that he could do nothing more. Prior unsettled him when he was like this, he couldn't deny that. He didn't want to speak to him but at the same time, he felt the only way he could get of this would be to do so. No. No. There was no way out of this. The general was drunk and –

''Dandy, you have been so good to me.'' There it was. The words, muttered so gently and so quietly through the darkness, that turned Taylor's stomach even more. Part of him wanted to deny what he had said just so that awful tone in Prior's voice would change but he knew that would not get him anywhere. He hated that he knew how this would end up whichever way it went. He felt he could do nothing but watch, breathless, in anticipation as Prior's other hand came up to his face. He brushed a stray piece of hair out of his eyes.

''General, I…'' he tried, his thumping heart still not letting him breathe properly.

''Ssh,'' Prior whispered. ''Ssh, now. I know I've said some bad things to you, Dandy, how I've told you that you are not loyal to me but…oh, Dandy. Oh. You are.'' Taylor sometimes felt like he was talked to as if he was a pet. Maybe he was. The general's pet. That's what he'd always felt he was. Until Major Bailey. Oh God, no, he couldn't think of Major Bailey. The tears started to prick at his eyes. ''Dandy, you're so loyal to me – I have to reward you in some way.''

''Oh, no, General, I don't – I don't think –'' Taylor stopped himself as he heard his voice starting to break. Prior tutted disapprovingly at him.

''Dandy, don't try to deny it, my dear. You are one of the only men left with me, who believe in me, at this fort. I know that. I know that so very well, Dandy. Sometimes they hide it inside of them, bottle it up, but I know what they must say behind the doors…I know what they must think of this offensive mission. They'll blame me, Dandy, oh they'll try to. But, Dandy, my love, it wasn't my fault. Was it, Dandy?''

Taylor couldn't reply. Prior was terribly close now and he attempted to turn his head away from his pawing hands but he just turned him back again. ''Dandy. Tell me it wasn't my fault, Dandy…''

''General, please – I'm tired, I can't –''

''Dandy.'' He was slightly rough now, his hands firm. Taylor felt trapped by him. ''Tell me it wasn't my fault.''

''General – General…'' Taylor paused, feeling the tears swell in his eyes. ''It wasn't your fault.''

He choked the words out, couldn't think of Major Bailey as he did so. But Prior laughed softly as he said them and now his grip was lighter. ''Oh Dandy. Oh, yes. You're so wonderful to me. Oh yes –''

He leant in and kissed him passionately and aggressively, pulling him close and crushing him into an embrace. Taylor scrambled to try and push him away but there was no use in that. He was far stronger than he was and the strength of Prior's kisses always made him feel horribly weak. He clutched the front of his shirt and moaned helplessly but it only encouraged Prior more. They went back onto the bed together and the general immediately moved atop him. Taylor gasped for breath as he finally broke the kiss, feeling his heart hammer painfully as Prior began to undo the buttons on his undershirt.

''General –'' he panted. ''General, please…stop…''

But Prior never listened when he was in this state. Taylor tried to push at him again, fearing that the alcohol had taken over his mind completely and he had become utterly blind and deaf to all of his cries. He always was, always. But, still, he tried desperately to get through to him. Prior did nothing until he had got his shirt away from his body, then, harsher now, his voice colder, muttered to Taylor.

''Dandy, honestly…you don't know what's good for you. Stop wriggling so much and appreciate what you're given.'' Prior's mouth travelled down from his neck to his chest, placing lewd, heated kisses all the way. Taylor grabbed his hair, the first sob tearing from his throat.

''General, please - !'' He was thinking of Major Bailey again, couldn't help it. The man had made him feel calm and safe but now he made the sickness rise even more. He wished he could be more like him. He should never stand for what Prior did to him, should be so much more defiant and strong. But he could do nothing but sob and wail as the general drew up his legs around him, forced his hands back and clutched his wrists tight above his head. He thought he might vomit.

''Ssh, now…'' Prior muttered again and again. Taylor shook his head.

''Please – don't…General,'' he said between gasps. For God's sake, some part of his mind screamed at him. You don't have to take this.

''Ssh, Dandy –'' Prior pulled Taylor into a kiss again to attempt to distract him as his hands went down to his underwear. Taylor shook his head violently, breaking the kiss and squirming.

''General!'' he cried. Yet Prior continued, holding Taylor down, until finally, in one last struggle, Taylor managed to kick him off, slamming his knee into his chest. Prior rolled off him, winded. Taylor began to cry but left no time to look at his crumpled commander as he hurried off the bed and out of the room, grabbing his clothes on the way.

He didn't have any doubt as to where he was running to. The world appeared hazy through his tears but he didn't slow down until he reached Major Bailey's quarters. He banged on the door as loud as he could, calling for him and praying against all the odds that he was there. He imagined General Prior coming for him, stumbling out of his quarters and grabbing him, dragging him back.

''Major! Major!'' he cried madly and fell as his legs finally gave out underneath him. He remained there, defeated and sobbing, until the door opened.


I don't know if this should make me change the story to an 'M' rated one? I thought I might have to change it at some point when I started it but - I don't know, it's not explicit but suggested. Any thoughts?