Me, Myself, and I

It's October, and moreover, Halloween is coming soon.

I had made my own costume, dated back from June.

Many hours went in it and now the day is here,

But when I walk into the school I think I disappeared.


Next to come is Thanksgiving and so I baked a cake,

Invited all my colleagues so a piece they each could take.

But when the day came I dressed up, excited to the bone,

No one knocked or even called, I was at home alone.


Christmas came and I bought presents, gave them to all I knew,

Set up a tree, went on a spree and put the lights up too,

But no one noticed or even cared, thought to think of me,

And so you see I celebrated Christmas with a tree.


Finally comes Valentines', I gave hearts to everyone,

Went to the store to buy a bear with hearts and some bonbons.

I get home and I was right, I thought with a sad sigh,

Once again I'm all alone, just me, myself, and I.

I've felt this feeling before, but not about me, if that makes sense...