Never Meant For Mortals

Love is simply no small feat.
It's a thousand tiny things;
Trust, kindness, and hope,
Not made for human beings.

Love is a grand design.
To know what makes romance,
You must know how to balance;
How to move with the dance.

Love was never meant to be
Trapped inside our stiff clay form
To face mortal fears and hesitations.
Gods never dreamed what could be born.

Mortality entraps us, where Love-
That feeling no words can express-
Is something more. A golden key,
To give immortality at it's best.

What the Gods could never
Have possibly foreseen
We've found something that
Makes us more than human beings.

Love is simply no small feat;
Like learning how to fall.
No words can express it.
So, if it means anything at all-

I love you.