The Letter He Wrote

These tear stains won't fade.
They multiply on my pillow case
And the note in between my hands,
Blurring letters that can't be erased.

I don't know why I keep it.
I keep reading it (just once more).
But eventually, I'm too exhausted
And I let it crash to the floor.

"I always will and always have,"
His sketched words on paper say,
"Cared for you my darling,
But I don't love you that way."

I miss him holding me.
I miss those happy memories.
But I guess I always knew
That we weren't meant to be.

I said it before with a smile-
"I can't get you off my mind."
But it's a little different
When I'm saying it this time.

Because this time I know
I cannot love him anymore.
I have to stop thinking that
We can return to before.

This poisonous piece of knowledge
Keeps my heart from breaking.
But just knowing doesn't stop
These tears from escaping.