Salvation Day

Don't give up.

Never give up.

There seems no way out now,

but have faith.

The Salvation Day is upon you.

You've lasted this long,

Seventeen years of slap after verbal-slap.

Sometimes the pain was even physical.

But you're still fighting

because you're stronger.

Stronger than the woman

that rakes her claws through your spirit,

trying to reduce you to nothing but dust,

and then has the nerve to say that this, she's never done.

She's a good person, a great human being.

But you, you know the truth.

You've tried to escape; how long had the bag been packed,

before you finally flung it upon your back?

For a brief moment in time,

nothing more than this,

you were gone, free,

away from the Hell.

But, of course,

that woman ended it.

So now it shall be harder than ever before

to leave the one you're forced to call "mother".

But don't give up.

Never give up.

Your Salvation Day is upon you.

I wrote this to express emotion more than to create a quality poem. Also, it was originally in multiple stanzas, but I don't feel like messing with FP's formating, so please keep that in mind. Still feel free to leave reviews, as they do make me smile. : )