I want to smoke rings around your new home
dirty your sheets, unfold your comforters.
give me a place to teach you about love.
let me show you what love feels like
when it is words wrapped tightly around you.
let me be that love that is like light
casting and dipping off the window
onto the table where we make
plans of who we want to be, because
of what was, is not what we are, anymore.

let me be the wind in your trees.
rustling sheets like leaves
and dropping lightly dew from my
stems onto your skin.
I will give life to your sails and talent
to your ships. I will believe in you!

I want to be the teeth on your shoulder
holding you close, keeping you.
let me teach you of love.

I will grow you flowers
I will learn you to grow like a flower.

when you are hard I will soften you
if you are soft I will shape you
if you do not want to be shaped
I will bake you!

my heart believes in you.
and so long as it is I who has you
you will never feel
the cold of winter
or the darkness to the night.

baby I will learn you love
like a night on fire and shooting stars.
bags unpacked, ground unsettled
untraveled roads, unusual skies.

we will have a home
with love