I wrote this poem about one of my best friends.


What happened?

The innocent being punished

The guilty set free

The happy get happier

While the depressed must suffer, just like me

Her dad died


For past mistakes?

How many times does she have to break before it's done?

And her son

What will become of him?

Will he be punished for his mom's forgotten sins?

The lesson's learned

The demons burned

But still you make her twist and turn

When I defied you even more

And knew, if I could, I'd be a whore

Yet you do nothing

Except make me unattractive to any lady

Is that your plan?

Make me a man by torturing my friends?

When will it end?

They have done nothing to deserve your wrath

Victims in the aftermath of the wrong I've done

Harming everyone I love

What do you want from me?

An apology?

Or will you just do this for eternity?

Maybe the only way is to say goodbye today and die

Giving my friends peace of mind

And in time, everything will be fine

But I won't for I have much to do

And even though you brought me pain, I still love you

So once again, I thank you, but I must ask you as well

Can you punish me instead

And save my friends from their private hell