"It's raining." I said, staring blankly out the blurry window.

"Oh?" He sat up and looked, "So it is." He smiled, "Guess that means we have to stay inside."

I heard him stand up; he wrapped his arms around me. I turned to face my husband; my green eyed, brown curly haired, six foot five, rancher, twenty-one year old husband. We had just been married two days ago and were on our honeymoon. It had been raining since we arrived, but we didn't care. Sean kissed me and then pulled me onto the bed. We laughed as we flopped on the fluffy Tempur-Pedic mattress; he started tickling me.

"Wrong move!" I said through my laughter. He was ticklish too; I got my revenge.

"Hey!" He said squirming away from my wriggling fingers.

"Hay is for horses, and only the ones who don't tickle!" We both laughed.

He stopped his tickling, and I stopped mine. As we lay on our sides and stared at each other, smiling, we both had the same idea. We got out of bed, got undressed, wrapped towels around ourselves, and went to the hot springs.