All that we know about the creation of Everything is that once upon a time, there lived a Thing that lived in the Ancient Nowhere. And all we know about the Thing is that it was very lonely. The Thing was the only creation living in the Nowhere, and it had no one to talk with, no one to play with, and no one to cry with.

The small miserable Thing was all alone in the big endless Nowhere.

One day, a Rainbow appeared from Somewhere. When the Thing saw it, it got an idea. It took the Rainbow's colors, and started drawing a Friend on the wide endless Nowhere.

The only problem was that the Thing couldn't draw. But it drew how it could, it was coming from the depths of its heart, and then, a miracle happened.

The Friend came to life.

Then, the Thing drew the Sky, the Ground and the Ocean. But they were dark and unfriendly, so, to lighten the World up, the Thing drew the Sun to shine at daytime and the Moon to shine in the nighttime.

But the World seemed dead and lifeless still.

So, to lighten the World up, the Thing drew Live. It drew the animals to roam the Ground, it drew Birds to fly in the Sky, and it drew Fish to swim in the Ocean.

But the World seemed boring still.

So, to lighten the World up, the Thing drew People. He then drew the People a Brain, so they could think for themselves.

But the World seemed speechless and quiet still.

So, to lighten the World up, the Thing drew the Sound. It filled the World immidiately: now the Animals could roar, and the Birds could chirp, and the People could talk and sing. But when the Thing wanted to give Fish a Sound, it saw that it spent too much color of the Sound on People, and there was nothing left to the Fish. That's why the Fish are speechless.

Still, when the Thing drew it all, it felt that something was missing. "What could it be?"-it thought.-"I drew everything possible! "

So the Thing thought and thought and thought.

Suddenly, it knew.

It took all the colors left and drew Love.

Now the World was full of Light, Live, Sound and Love.

And the Thing from this moment never was alone.