Okay so here is m attempt at a second story. So this is the Prologue, so this will occur in about the middle of the story. So the next chapter that I post will be before this event actually occurred.

Please take the time to read this as I enjoy writing and I hope you will enjoy at what I have to offer.

The heavy grey clouds sat in the sky waiting for us to leave so it can let down its endless pour. I stood beside the now covered coffins with Jacob beside me standing next to his mound. How is it that two families can be lost in the same accident? Could God be that cruel. The clouds got impatient and opened up. Rain fell onto our faces to hide the tears. I looked over to Jacob and he looked back at me. He came over to me and pulled me into his arms. I sobbed in his chest while he sobbed above me. The guests for the funeral were long gone. Jacob and I decided to stay longer with our families. I looked over at the headstones.

Layla Smith, 2007-2010

Michelle Smith, 1975-2010

Damon Smith, 2002-2010

Jeff Smith, 1973-2010

And on Jacobs side stood a single stone.

Shani Taylor, 1971-2010

Jacob only had his mum left. His dad abandoned him and his mum when Jacob was two. He can hardly remember his dad. His mum was always there for him and now she was gone. Taken away from him by deaths clutches. I lost my sister, brother, Mother and Father on that dreadful day. Jacob and I were both orphans. Our clothes were soaked from the rain and we ran to the car. Jacob was 18 so he had his P's. I only just scored my L's. I turned 17 the day of the accident. Jacob and I were at the RTA office while they were burning in their cars. We got to the motel we've been staying at for the past 2 weeks. We've been to grieved to go back to our own houses. We went to our room, number 11, and collapsed on our beds.

"Hey, midg. I'm going to have a shower. Can you please order me some dinner." Jacob asked getting up. Jacob and I have been best friends ever since we were little. Sometimes people mistook us for brother and sister. Obviously we weren't. We looked nothing alike. His dark brown hair to my pale blonde. His chocolate eyes to my bright blue. Jacob had a nice tall build with just the right amount of muscles. I was short but with curves in all the right places. Jacob and I grew up together and we became very close and when we started school and stuck by each others side through everything. Jacob even stood up for me in a couple of fights. We took care of each other and promised that we would never let anything get between us and so far nothing has.

"Sure," I replied, "Watcha want?"

"You know me better then I do. Just pick something please." He walked off into the bathroom. He was right though. I knew him better then anyone else, including himself. I walked over to the phone and dialled the room service number.

"Room service," a female voice sounded over the phone.

"Hello, can I please get a medium rare steak with vegetables dinner sent up to room 11 please."

"That won't be a problem, Miss Smith. Please give us 10 minutes." I thanked her and hung up. I walked over to my duffel bag and pulled out my clean pair of PJ's. I stripped off my black dress that I wore to the funeral and wrapped myself in my dressing gown. I sat down on my bed and closed my eyes.

Knock, knock.

"Room service." I quickly sat up and walked to the door. A young man was standing outside. He handed me the plate and walked back down the hallway. I closed the door and sat the plate on the table. Jacob walked out of the bathroom in his boxers and chucked his towel over side of the chair. He nodded in thanks and dug into his dinner. I went to my bed, grabbed my PJ's, walked to the bathroom and shut the door. With the water running down my face I think about how I'm going to survive school on Monday. Jacob and I were given the past two weeks off to sort out funerals and stuff like that. But now we have to go back to school for end of term tests. Jacob needed to be going to school anyway.

He was in year 12 so he had his HSC at the end of term 3. I came out of the bathroom and found at steaming plate of lasagne waiting for me. I smiled. Jacob knew me well. He was sitting at the table still eating a chocolate fudge. I sat down and let the hot food slid down my throat. After I was done Jacob slid over another bowl of fudge. I nodded my head in thanks and started to eat. When I was done I sat down next to Jacob on the couch in front of the TV. He had the NCIS DVD's playing. That's all he's been watching for the past 2 weeks. We were now up to season 4. Jacob wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I leaned up beside him. What will we do now? We couldn't stand going back to our places. I guess as long as I have Jacob I'll be okay. I hope.

So please let me know what you think and I promise you it will get interesting just give me a little time to prove myself.