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The bell rang and I met Jacob and Lizzy outside. Brian waved to his sister as he passed her. Jacob still looked grim as we made our way to Science and I giggled. Our teacher Mr Hadley was already there. We sat in the back row and Lizzy and I went to our bench while Jacob went to his. Darcy hasn't shown up yet so he was a little less stressed. The rest of our classmates started to pour through the door and after 5 minutes Mr Hadley shut the door to begin his lesson. Jacob was beaming. Darcy didn't turn up.

"Alright class. Today's a double period so we'll be doing a prac." The room hissed with yes. Jacob and I high fived over the isle.

"So pull out your books so we can write up the prac." Sir turned around and began to write on the board. We were studying electricity for Science so we were doing a prac with circuits. I love these pracs. After we were done writing we got the okay to get everything and begin.

"Jacob Taylor, Mia Smith and Elizabeth Miller. Can you please come up here please." Mr Hadley called out to us. We walked up hesitantly and came to a stop in front of his desk.

"Look a you three. You look as if your in trouble." He chuckled. We all let loose a sigh of relief. "No I just wanted to give you these merits for 100% in your last test. All of you." He handed us each our merit and we looked at it in wonder.

"Thanks sir." I said. The other two quickly mumbled thank you as well.

"Your welcome kids. Jacob why don't you work with the girls today seeing as your partner isn't here today."

"No problem. Thank you sir." We went back to our seats and the two periods flew by.


The bell rang and pulled me out of my daydreaming. I quickly grabbed my bag and books and sprinted for our area. That was the bell for lunch and we had to steal the table back and get ready for the fight. Jacob was already there moving the table I ran over and helped him. We sat the table down and pulled out the water balloons that we kept in our bags for times like this. We went to the tap that was beside us and started to fill them up. I pulled out a water proof bag from by bag.

We sat the water balloons in it carefully and quickly filled up our water bottles. We sat on the table with everything hidden and we managed to get this all done before anyone else turned up. We were finished for about thirty seconds before our gang came sprinting around the corner. They saw that we were ready and pulled out their water bottles. They filled them up and sat on the table. We chatted like any other day and pretended like we didn't know that anything was happening. I got another note from Brian between 3rd and 4th period.

I won't tell the group that you know. Be prepared. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when you fight back.

So I warned the group and we got ready. The pops were starting to show up at their area, tableless, and my eyes caught Brian's. He winked. I smiled back. The pops had PE so we had the advantage of them being worn out. We chatted when out of the corner of my eye I saw one of them pull out a water bottle. I sighed. The signal my group had been waiting for. They reached down, unnoticed, grabbing their water bottles. Jacob and I got two water balloons each and waited. We were all turned away from the pops so the guy with the water bottle was trying to sneak up. When he was just about to squirt the bottle I jumped up.

"Now!" I yelled. The guy froze not expecting this and we got the opening we wanted. We opened fire. The guy I now recognised was Brody. Brody ran back over to his area drenched. My gang cracked up laughing. But were still armed. The pops all got out their water bottles and charged over to us. I grinned. Bring it on. My gang ran towards them while I stayed standing on the table with the water bombs taking shots from up high. I spotted Brian and he spotted me. He got up on the table with me and grinned.

"Come on Mia. Watcha going to do."

"Nothing, but he will." I said pointing behind him. He turned to see who was behind him and I hit him in the side of the head with a water bomb. I roared with laughter.

"And people call me blonde!" I giggled. Brian turned back to me and chuckled.

"Oh your going to get it now."

"Brian you might wanna turn around."

"I'm not falling for that one again Mia."

"Well you should of listened to her." Lizzy said squirting water down the back of her brothers shirts. She laughed and took off. He ran after her. I looked down bellow. I spotted Jacob. He had not 1 single drop of water on him. Actually most of my group didn't. The only one who did was Ella. I looked up and spotted the Deputy Principle. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and whistled. My group stopped what they were doing, grabbed their bags and we took off in the opposite direction.

When we got near the canteen we cracked up laughing. We got away with it and the pops were going t get in big trouble. I laughed again. Ella quickly ran to the toilets nearby and came out in her fresh uniform. We all kept one in our bags for days like this. I bet the pops didn't. We laughed again. Te bell rang to let us know it was half time. We walked slowly back up to our area to find the table still there and the pops missing. They were all probably still with the DP. I giggled. For the rest of lunch we talked about the fight. About halfway through the pops came back, drenched, but with huge grins on their faces. We made a treaty with them first day that we would never rat on anyone. Who ever got caught took the blame. I pulled a sign out of my bag and held it up.


The pops grinned and went back to chatting.

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