A Slight Discomfort

I wake up in a frosty, dark, derelict room. I look around but my eyes aren't focusing. I can't move my hands; they are tied to the rusty, old chair I am sitting uncomfortably on. My eyes finally adjust to my eerie surroundings and I can't believe my eyes.

All around me are high, metal walls with tiny nuts and bolts down the sides. I look straight ahead and I see a monumental, intimidating door made of the same metal the walls are made of. The door has a little, translucent glass window about three quarters of the way up. It is smothered in crimson blood stains.

I try to move my feet and then I notice that they are also tied, this time to the chair's rickety legs. I struggle for a second and my anger gets the better of me. I shout "help me!" at the top of my voice until my throat aches. My body is drenched in sticky sweat and my whole body is in agony. Someone has removed my clothes, I am sitting almost naked. All around my body there are sickly looking bruises and gaping bumps. My head is banging, as if a marching band has paraded around inside of it. I begin to cry and fearful tears run down my flustered face. My heart is thumping; I think it's going to explode. I breathe out and my short breath travels across the chilly room in a little cloud.

Suddenly, I am blinded. An amazingly bright light fills the room. When my eyes adjust I look around the brightly lit room and then I puke all over my bare legs.

To my right, there is a row of frothy jars filled with decapitated human heads. I notice the eyeballs are missing from the deep sockets and this makes me puke even more, only this time blood comes out. Hanging from the towering ceiling are putrid bodies; Naked and missing their heads. The bodies are gritty and disgusting maggots are munching on the flaccid skin. I puke some more, only this time some sort of lime, acidic liquid shoots out.

I look to my left. Dead animals with their entrails viciously torn out are sitting in secure cages. I make a puking gesture but all that comes out is a slither of air. I look at the floor. It is covered in black tiles that are stained with orange blotches. I manage to sneak a glimpse behind me from the corner of my eye. I see an automatic drill covered in blood and guts.

I hear footsteps outside the huge, metal door and I begin to feel uneasy. I start to struggle violently in my new home. My heartbeat rapidly increases to an outrageously high-speed. I'm sweating more than ever. The noise of the mysterious footsteps grows louder and then finally stops. A large mechanical lock moves away from the handle of the door. I start to shout swears. I plead for help. The door slowly creeks open.

I see a lanky, hooded man dressed in black with a once milky apron covering it. The man's hair is long, greasy, and smelly. It's just now that I notice the rancid, sickening smell filling up the room. The man's back is crooked and he is bent over. I begin to beg for mercy. He is being silent as he walks behind me. I begin to roar but the hooded man ignores my stupidity. I feel an anger rising. I wish I was dead. Suddenly, the hooded man is standing right before my eyes.

I tell him to leave me alone, to please have mercy on my sorry soul. He slaps me around the face and my face is now covered in the temporary tattoo that is his hand. He bends in closer with the ferocious, automatic drill in his wretched right hand. He implores that I calm down, I spit in his ugly face. The man reveals a knife from his front pocket and slashes my left hand off with enthusiasm. I puke all over his dated shoes. Anger suddenly rises up in the man as he comes closer to my skull with the frightening drill. He says in a vindictive voice, "You shouldn't have done that".

The drill suddenly makes a deafening bellow and then blackness engulfs me.

The man walks out, satisfied, leaving my putrid corpse to rot with the swarming maggots. The huge, metal door slammed shut.