If an avalanche falls, right above your head.
You'd better not ignore it, or you coud end up dead.
In the physical realm, these words hold true,
but when it comes to the mental realm, I've got words for you.

If pressure falls upon you, and you let it pile on,
and the words of others affect you, consider those words gone.
If a critic is not constructive, and is mistreating you badly,
There's no need for whimpering, nor walking away sadly.

When the blades of hatrid are growing strong,
I just plow right through them, I'm simply mowing the lawn.
Why bother listening to insults and smears,
Why bother listening to those who spread constructed fears.

Weapons are fired at you from every side,
but you nor I will ever quit, our lights will not subside.

So, remember this, and remember it well, you don't need to suffer,
don't create your own hell.
If bullets can bounce off Superman, they can bounce off of you too.
For there's a strong warrior inside us all, and that warrior is you!