The world is a ball of twine,

With secrets underneath,

If we continue to unravel it,

the teabag of truth will steep.

How often can we drop the ball?

Will our brewing minds prove weak?

Perhaps we can't unwind it all,

Perhaps one thread will prove too steep.

Check your tea periodically,

--these tea leaves may pose questions new

But following the line, through misty caverns,

always trudging through,

untangling fractal threads

and entangling too,

collapses the complexities, while the insights stew.

A superstring of logic,

Intuition tea,

do not make sense together,

but engage non-locally,

and someday we shall see that we have never left our minds,

no matter how far out we've gone,

no matter what we find.

This is because of a simple fact: Everything of the universe, can be found within the mind.

Is it really true, that some things can't exist?

Everything stems from imagination,

hey, do you get the jist?