Chapter One - The First Weeks

He wouldn't have been considered as anyone special if they only took a short glance at him. But the second glance, that was the one that made them pause and take a closer look. Past the silky jet black hair and unwavering deep blue eyes was the true entity. The connection he had with those around him, the abilities he held as someone different. His power would enchant those around him, bring the sick from afar and change the world forever.

If only the world knew. If only he knew. He might not have known it yet, but he was special beyond comparison. Some would call it magic while others would claim it was the work of Gods, but either way, this thing had to be discovered before it could be used. His powers related to the sick. Or more precisely, the mentally sick. Now maybe he would have the slightest chance of finding his power if he worked at St Thomas' Hospital, the town's mental institute. But he didn't. He was simply a maths teacher at Canavan's only college, Revan College, since September the second, the day we start our story. This ifs the day he meets someone who would awaken his power. But it was going to take a lot longer for them to flourish fully. But lets start slowly for now.

Matthew Grayne was a man of obsessive perfection, or organisation, as he liked to call it. He wanted everything to stay as it was, just now. He had the low maintenance girlfriend, the low maintenance job and the low maintenance flat. Everything was fine as it was. He may have a new job, but he'd already decided that teaching in a college was going to be low maintenance too. He was happy that he hadn't had to move. He liked the way his flat told visitors everything about him. The perfectly aligned papers, pencils and furniture in the study screamed out about his need for perfection. The lack of a pet in the flat said that he didn't want another responsibility in his life, he already had too many. The slightly messy bedroom signified that it was the place that he slept and dressed only, and that he was not a morning person. And the extremely beautiful geologist sleeping next to him told everyone that he was not only especially taken, but that he was a lucky guy to have such a beautiful girlfriend. But she was there because she was low maintenance, just the way he liked it. She didn't want change, or to get married anytime soon. For now, he needed everything to be the same.

'Good morning,' a sultry voice whispered behind him. He felt a hand on his shoulder and another one glide itself over his bare chest and under his arm, hugging him. 'How long have you been awake?'

'I don't know,' Matthew answered, his eyes tired from being awake all night. Melissa saw this and ran her finger over his lips, pulling his gaze towards her.

'Are you nervous?' She asked, worried. He smiled, shaking his head. Then he stopped when he realised how much it hurt.

'I know how to handle kids,' he said.

'But this is your first time at a college,' she explained. 'I can understand why you would be nervous of the older ones. They're not like primary school kids.'

'They won't be kids, Melissa,' Matthew sighed, turning away. 'They're almost adults. It'll save me the trouble of having to discipline them purely because their parents couldn't.'

'So what's wrong?'

'I only had a couple of hours of sleep,' he groaned, placing a hand on his head. 'And I have this splitting headache.'

'My poor baby,' Melissa pouted. 'Want me to kiss it and make it better?'

Matthew took a sideways glance at her, recognising the expression on her face. His eyes widened before he turned to look at the alarm clock. It immediately started blaring and Matthew slammed down on it before stepping out of bed, saying that he was going to be late for his first day.

The first few hours without any students were uneventful. He met the rest of the maths staff, found his way around the college and read over the names over his tutor group. It was quite a large tutor group for the small room he was given. He shrugged, downing the rest of his coffee as he stepped away from the computer. He turned towards the door to find a young girl in the corner of his eye. He frowned and approached her, getting a closer look to see that she was crying. That was exactly what he needed on his first day. He sighed and lowered himself to get a better look. The first thing he noticed was her hair. It was quite long, long enough for her to cover most her face with it. It was also a jet black, and the ends were coloured. Down they went from red to orange to yellow, as if the end of her hair was on fire. It was the most beautiful hair he'd ever seen. He wanted to reach forward and touch it before another hand reached directly through his body and took a handful carefully in his hand first. Matthew fell back, surprised as he tumbled through the person's body. He took a quick look and found that person to be him.

The two people disappeared as soon as Matthew's mind got distracted by approaching footsteps. He hurried to his feet and straightened himself out before walking to the front of the classroom as a few students walked in, their expressions either bored, excited with their friends or avoidant. The classroom was filling up quickly as Matthew's eyes kept flickering over to the corner, wondering if the girl was going to show up again. It was clearly only an illusion, his mind playing tricks on him. He waited for a few more students to show and looked at his watch, noticing that he still had about ten more minutes. He sighed, sitting back down at the computer and staring at the screen. His eyes glazed over as he returned to his thoughts.

She was very pretty, He thought. Maybe even prettier than Melissa. No! That looked like a student, what am I thinking? Illegal child abuse thoughts... Then again, I did say that they weren't kids. No, there's no excuse for it! Still I wouldn't mind knowing who she was. That hair was very beautiful, very memorable. Maybe she goes here. Or perhaps I simply invented her because I'm bored with Melissa. What the hell is that girl doing with me? I can't help but think she has some alterior motive for sleeping with me. Well I'm not rich and I know I'm not the best looking guy on the planet. She doesn't love me. My girlfriend doesn't love me. But do I care? She's stable and maybe that's good enough for me. I know that I don't love her. But maybe I will... later. Instead of thinking about sleeping with a girl who would probably compare me to her dad. I said I wanted stability, not weird ghosts who show up in my classroom crying and mimicking me...

'Sir?' A voice tore him from his thoughts. He glanced over the class and found one of the more outgoing students looking directly at him. 'It's twenty past.'

He nodded, as he stood, introducing himself and handing out a bunch of boring leaflets that he'd flicked through earlier. After another twenty minutes of handing out timetables and explaining college basics he sat back down to let them copy out their timetables and talk amongst themselves before it was time to leave for first lessons. His eyes glanced over the list of his tutor again and his eyes stopped at one name. Gaia Irin. What an interesting name. Matthew typed the word gaia into Google and foud it to be the name of a Greek goddess. She ruled over the literal earth and was called the Earth Mother or Mother Nature. Irin was the name of twin angels who led the judgment of the heavenly court. That's a pretty special name. I wonder which one of them is Gaia? Matthew took a look at his tutor group and found them all leaving. None of them looked anything like a Gaia, none of them worthy of such a godlike name. He turned back to the computer before he saw a flash of red in the corner of his eye and saw a girl leaving the room. He jumped up and tried to follow her but when he reached the door she was already gone. Was that Gaia?

Matthew went through his other classes and found that Gaia Irin was in his second year dual maths class. In fact, she was one of three. He guessed that not so many people wanted to continue it. It is a difficult subject. New to the field last year, I'm one of the few teachers that have been trained to teach it. I don't know how well any of them will do.

Matthew saw that he also had a lesson with her next. He headed for the staff room to prepare another cup of coffee.

'Isn't there supposed to be three of you?' Matthew said, talking to Max, the only kid who'd turned up. He nodded and turned as the two others walked in.

'Sorry, we're late,' Rylan said, sighing as he walked in. 'We had the wrong room on our timetables.'

Matthew looked to the girl following behind Rylan for confirmation. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. Not only was it Gaia, but it was the girl he'd seen in the corner of the classroom, crying. But of course it wasn't her. She must have been sitting behind someone who was forced to sit on a table, so he'd never caught sight of her beautiful hair. It was so sleek and dark in real life, the red, orange and yellow colouring more vibrant than ever. He smiled to her and recieved a cold look back. He could almost feel the air around him shudder. She'd barely glanced at him before she looked away again, covering her perfect features with her long hair. She sat in the far corner, away from the two boys that sat together.

She really is quite beautiful. I know I shouldn't even be thinking this, but every man could see it, surely. But I shouldn't worry about it. If she keeps up that distant attitude, there's no way I'll ever get to like her. Problem solved.

Matthew began the lesson, explaining the basic calculus used in dual mathematics. His eyes occasionally trailed onto Gaia at the back, taking down notes, her eyes flickering to and from her book and the board. Every time she caught him looking at her she would stare at him until he looked away. The bell rang and she packed up her things and left, picking up the homework on the way out without a word. He hadn't even heard her voice, despite the amount of times Rylan and Max were asking about the work. He sighed with relief once they were gone and ran his fingers through his hair. Yep, there's no danger of emotions with that one.

He suddenly screamed out as he felt nails dig into his arm. He looked down and found nothing there, but the pain still tore at him. He could almost feel them break his skin and feel the sensation of blood dripping down his arm. Still nothing was physically wrong with his arm except the searing pain. He screwed his eyes shut, waiting for it to go away before taking long deep breaths until it did leave. He sighed in relief again, as his next class walked in.

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