"A woman with the power to both threaten and adore, she who understands her people but is herself not understood. She bears the mark of one cursed by fate's cruel hand. Yet she bears her destiny no ill will. Her life brings both pain and joy, but her death is what will save many. This is the prophecy of the Princess of Time."

"Princess of Time?"

"Yes. And what I want is to help you fulfill your destiny while preserving your life."

She laughed.

"You must be mistaken. I am not a princess."

"Do you think me so naïve to not know who you truly are? You may hide yourself away from your life of pleasantries, but you are the princess."

Her eyes narrowed.

"I am no such thing. I am owned by that spoiled brat."

Shock betrayed his face.

"I see you are confused, allow me to explain. When I was very young I was little more than a street urchin who still stole and pick-pocketed. I made the mistake of trying to take that brat's precious royal ring and was caught; and ever since I have been paying my dues as her double when the time calls for it. Like at the ball for instance. That pathetic princess disappeared again to go riding so I was introduced in her place."

"So then…. It is her I seek."

"Ha! Honestly, sir if you truly believe that silly prophecy, then I think you are in the wrong kingdom all together. That princess is nothing more than a spoiled brat, she cares only of herself and how beautiful she can be."

"Impossible, how could anyone be that conceited?"

She crossed my arms and chuckled.

"You obviously don't know the world of humans very well. Now, can I leave? I have customers to please and money to make, and a damned debt to pay."

"It can't be true. I can't have gotten the kingdom wrong. The amulet led me here for a reason."

Her ears perked up. Amulet?

"What amulet?"

He looked at her, then reached into his shirt and pulled out a gold amulet with a black diamond at its center. The diamond was the size of a gold galleon.

"This amulet is the key to finding the princess. It's said that when placed on her neck she will fall into a timeless sleep, and then, only when she has entered the era in which she is again needed will the amulet release her."

"So basically, you're looking for the girl that necklace belongs to so that you can take away any possibility of her having a life in here and now."

"Yes, exactly! We're trying to save her from death."

"And you honestly believe that whoever she is she will willingly go into this ageless sleep for who knows how long, and let lifetimes pass her by?"

"Of course she will, it's her duty."

She sighed.

"You really don't know people all that well do you."

He looked at her puzzled.

"Oh well, guess it can't be helped."

The street girl grabbed the amulet and ran.

"Stop her!"

"Ha, you ingrate. You show a diamond this rare and huge to a street urchin who used to be a pick-pocket, and expect me NOT to steal it."

And with that she leaped over the guards and out the door. The man stared at the entrance, dumbfounded.

"What just happened?"

A figure who had been hiding in the shadows stepped forward.

"You let the prize escape." It said.

"You, that couldn't have been her. There's no way that selfish girl could be-"

"Must I always remind you that it's not necessarily a princess we're looking for?"

"But, the prophecy-"

"Does not state that the girl is a princess of a kingdom. The princess of time could be any woman who walks this earth. Did you not notice that the amulet did not reject her when she touched it?"

"I- I see."

The man stood from his seat by the bed.

"So, she's already fallen into your trap."

The cloaked figure smiled.