Author's Introduction

What you're about to read is a failed project that I attempted last year. It consisted in me writing a poem every day, and uploading them to a blog (which is now defunct).

I went from Aug 14, 2009 and terminated the project on March 22, 2010.

Why did I do this?

Well, I was bored, first of all. Secondly, I was just out of a break up, so I did it as an outpouring as well, so the poems may seem pretty self-hurting and stuff. Eventually it became too much and I finished it.

However, with so many poems at my disposal (246 poems, to be exact), I definitely found a good amount of pieces that I consider pretty good.

This is basically it. The best poems that I did last year.

Don't hate on it too much, though.

Not to be confused with Call me TEAM AWESOME or Wade0112's version of Word A Day, so you should check those out too.

I highly encourage them to succeed in what I failed.

Reviewing will be much appreciated.