In goes the alcohol
Out comes the violence
I'm stuck between the two of you
Enough to make me miss the silence
She slams the door and something crashes
She only wants to sleep
You're spitting curses and raising voices
You've never been this weak
In the situation in which we find ourselves
I'm the first one to snap
I'm crashing on the floor right now
And you have to stop and watch
I'm screaming through the tears at you
Please, just shut up!
Get the fuck out of my head!
You never should have had us
We're too miserable to live
I never want to see you hurting
But I really want to hurt you
Violence is never the answer, I'm afraid
So I'm hurting me instead
I really hope you're scared right now
I hope that you can see
What a bang up job you've done with us
We're dysfunctional as hell
"Just look at what you've made her do."
"She can't handle all this stress."
And through the pain of my concussion
I must agree that, yes
I can't stand this anymore
I just can't take the fighting
One more night and you'll destroy me
One more drink, I'll do it for you
"Jesus, look at what she's done to herself."
I hope the bruises never fade
"She's going fucking crazy, mom."
"Just let her sleep it off, okay?"
Maybe a drink will calm me down
Maybe some weed
Maybe a pill
"It'll look better in the morning."
I don't think it ever will