For you see, each day I love you more

Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.





7 years old

"Jeannie, look at this!"

"Eww, Will!"

Drops it- "It's just a worm…"

"...I gotta go."

"Wait, Jeannie!"


"…We used to play together all the time. We don't do that anymore."

Guilty- "My friends told me not to play with you anymore."

"Your friends are stupid."

"Don't call them that!"

"They're stupid! Why d'you have to listen to them?"

"They- they said you have cooties!" –runs away-

"Wait- Jeannie!"

15 years old


"I'm busy!"

"Put the PSP down and follow me."

"To where?"

"My mom's having this stupid dinner party and the only under 40 there is going to be me. Lucky lucky you gets to follow me."

"Hahaha..I don't think so."




"..Fine." –head pounding from the smile she gave him-

20 years old

"College, Will!"

"I know."

-frustrated- "Can you at least act like you're excited?"

"I am excited."

"I know you, OK? If I say you're sad then you're sad. What's wrong?"

We're going to separate colleges. "I'm going to miss it here."

-sighs- "Yeah. But we'll have summer leaves and everything. We'll come back here and catch up, won't we?"

If you're here then I'm here. "Don't count on it. I might want to stay there and pick up girls."

-rolls eyes- "Jackass."

"You know I'm a hot jackass."

21 years old, at college dorm

"We're going out to catch hoops, man, you coming?"

"Just a sec. I just want to check my mail."

"See you there Will."

-opens laptop, signs in to account, heart pounding. Looks for the name Jean in inbox and sighs in relief when there's an email from her.-

24 years old

"William Brock Kale."


"Its been too long."

"How have you been?"

"I'm great. You stopped replying my emails halfway through first year. I should be mad, but I can't."

That was when you told me you had a boyfriend. "Oh, well I just got busy."

"I guessed. Lets catch up at my house, OK? Rick is there, too, I hope you don't mind."

"Rick- you're still with him?"

"Yes." –briefly holds his hand- "You know, Will, I think we're going a long distance in this relationship."


27 years old, wedding day

"…take Jeanette Brooklyn to be your rightful wife?"

"I do."

"And do you, Jeanette Brooklyn, take Derrick Lennon to be your rightful husband?"

"I do."

"You may now kiss the bride."

Half an hour later

"Congratulations, beautiful."

"Thanks, Will! You're the best best man ever. And also the greatest friend I ever hoped to have."

"I know, I know. What isn't great about me?"

-laughs- "Really, Will. Any girl that chooses to marry you is the luckiest girl on earth."

"…Aw, stop."



"You will do it, won't you?"

"Do what?"

"Fall in love. You've never had a girlfriend since…well, since highschool. Promise me."

"I promise."

But I will never and can never stop loving you.

Author's note : I suck at following up on novels. -shakes head-