The Hidden Hideout

My name is Charlie and this is my story:

We had just moved to this house a week ago. Me, being the adventurous little boy I was, decided to explore the 10 acre garden. Looking at the map my mom had given me, I found out the garden included a water fountain, a maze, an angel, and the flower patch with designs of flowers. What was strange about the map was that it seemed to suddenly stop as if there was some big secret. I would surely need to look out for that

The garden was full of roses and daisies and morning glories and sunflowers. These were some of my favorite flowers. It seemed this garden was made for me. The flower designs really brought out the flowers, especially the morning glories. This would be the perfect place to read. Every now and then, there would be a tower would vines coming out, almost making a house. In the distance, you could see this dark tower hovering in the sky, almost touching the clouds.

I eventually made my way to the water fountain. Made out of perfect marble, not even chipped from over the years it had obviously been there. Too bad the sun wasn't out or it would be more beautiful than ever. It was about three times the normal size of an average water fountain. It was like one of those pools you found at the beach, the perfect swimming pool. I needed to tell mom to get me some bathing suits so I could go swimming in here. At least put some fishes in here

The angel was also made out of perfect marble. It glittered in the sun like Edward from Twilight. I looked up and it appeared to be touching the sky, obviously what I saw in the garden. Looking at the angel a little closer I realized it was definitely an archangel. The sword was in the snake's head. ST. MICHAEL! At my old church we had him as our sponsor. Sometimes in Sunday school we would learn how when Heaven was in war with Hell, St. Michael had struck down the serpent, or Devil.

I eventually made my way to the maze. It was made out of hedges at least 20 feet high. Sometimes you would see a cardinal climber. I picked up a rock and threw it at the vine. The cardinal climber seemed to curl around the rock. The next thing you here is the rock being shattered. I did keep the courage to keep exploring, though

The rocks became weathered and the vines were Alice in Wonderland-ly. They seemed to be alive and grow out toward your feet. Sometimes I would trip over a vine. Sometimes, I would find one wrapped around my ankle.

I kept on going following the directions but they never worked. It always seemed opposite. It took me a little while to get my way around the maze.

I eventually made it where everything was weathered rocks. The sky was pitch dark. There were gargoyles all over, but they were actually moving. This white thing appeared in one of the rocks. There was a bright light and the next thing you saw was this dog come flying through the rocks. It was glittering like he was made out of a million stars. It was almost blinding. I also saw this garden identical to the one that I saw first, but this was too far away and I knew I hadn't made a loop. There was the water fountain were these kids made of stone were swimming and playing with the Kio. St. Michael came by and said hopefully you will be like me someday. So much encouragement.

I started to make my way back to the house and told my mom about it. She said there was never a place where everything was weathered rocks. I never got why I saw all that.

Every week, a new chapter will be added. Please keep watching.