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Death Nearby

I always knew about the dangers of the world. I always knew that every day that passed, is a day we have survived. I always knew that death was always nearby. I just never knew that death may be so close by, that there was a fragile thin line between life and death.

It was on a hot summer night in 2009. My grandmother, aunt, mom, sister, and I went to Mexicali to run a few errands, and then, we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant. Share recent stories and experiences, soon after, we left the restaurant, and headed off to the long, dreadful line to go back to the U.S. After coming home at two in the morning, my dad called. Since he had midnight shift, meaning that he would work at midnight to eight in the morning.

He had called saying that he was hungry, wanting some of the Chinese food we had brought home from Mexicali. I decided to accompany my mother since she was going to the old port, and I was just a mile away, I still didn't want her to go by herself and my sister wanted to go along. Upon coming out a lady with a stroller and a dog was walking by. I just thought that she was maybe going to a past midnight stroll. When I was going inside the car I saw a white truck turning the curb, somewhat fast than it should, making me think why somebody should go that fast, unless it was an emergency, or drunk. Then I heard screaming, I looked at the rearview mirror and saw the woman struggling to get away from a man that came out of the truck that was going fast. My reaction was pretty dumb considering that night I was lucky to have lived.

I had the fight or flight feeling. Either to do nothing and have them settle it in their own way, or do something to stand up against the man. My feeling was to fight.

I got out of the car and went a few strides near them and started yelling "HEY! LEAVER HER ALONE!". The man, startled, let go of the woman. I took the time to examine the man, try to see everything I could, trying to see my surroundings, just in case. I just kept yelling while I was examining. The man had a white tank top shirt, tight to his torso, his pants were loose, near his knees, his hands were spread apart, each on opposite sides of his body. No weapons on him, shirt to tight to hold a knife, pants too loose to hide a gun, his eyes were baggy, as if he didn't sleep, or was on drugs, his hair messy, I thought, trying to see every detail of him.

Then I tried to see the truck. Another man was inside! He was wearing dark clothes, and was at the passenger's seat. Except that he was more interested in saving his skin, rather than helping his companion, what a coward I thought, coming to get one woman, and he can't handle a yelling teenager, and three adult women. I then heard my grandmother screaming at me to get inside the house. Since, when was she here? How long was she yelling at me to go back inside at the house? I did as told, except that I went to the car and saw my sister inside. I grabbed her and told her to run inside, she was my first priority above anything else. Take her to a safe place, and check that everything is alright.

My grandmother then yelled at my mother to call the cops. She did so, telling everything what was happening, but the cops were taking forever to come! I told my mother to give me the phone, she didn't, my grandmother then grabbed the phone from her and told the person so send some cops immediately, and it was an emergency! The person in the line tried to calm my grandmother down, but she kept telling the lady how can she calm down when there is a man outside, trying to get a woman and child from the street.

Finally the cops came, but some time had already passed, still the man was going down one street, while the woman went down another. My mom and grandma tried to tell the cop what happened, but they were just talking at the same time. So I stepped in telling the cop of the situation and telling him how the man looked like, while my mom told him where the woman went. Looking around I saw the man, and pointed him to the cop. He told his companions about the man, and went to get him with some others, while others got the woman. The cops were trying to get everything, getting information, and trying to see if all stories were straight.

Then after a while we went to give my dad lunch, and explained everything to him. He then reassured me that I was just doing things out of instinct. We left him the lunch and headed back home. Well, there it was just the opposite. Instead of being told that I've done things out of instinct, I was being yelled at that of what I did was completely reckless. That I had left my mom in a position of which daughter should she save, what would happen if she left to save one, what would happen to the other. What if the man had a gun, or a weapon? What if the man was dangerous? Too many what ifs, too many things would have happened. It was only during that time that I realized how close to death I was, true the man had nothing, no weapon, and wasn't that much of a psycho. Still, it was a close call, What if the man in the truck had a weapon in him too? If he came down and tried to fight me? Remembering back, I have never heard my grandmother screaming at me. I was too busy concentrating at the man, trying to make him back off as much as possible, so that the woman may have some time to get away from him. Blood had rushed to my head, clouding my judgment, just looking forward not to the sides, never hearing the cries of my family, crying to me to get inside the sanctuary of my home.

Then I had realized that everything had happened within an hour, when everything felt going by was an eternity. Time goes by slow when something dangerous, or something that excites you a bit too much that you can't wait for that special time. Time goes quick when something that you want to last forever, that is what makes time worthwhile, or something that you have fun in. Time is sometimes a funny thing, goes slow when you want it to go fast, and it goes fast when you want it to go slow. Time is truly a funny thing.

Too many things were going through my mind, but one thing I was for certain. I'm grateful that I'm still living. I realized that I didn't think at all when the incident happened; I had an adrenaline rush, one that could have ended my life. I thanked God that nothing bad, well fatally, had happened. I truly have never felt anything like it. The rush, the time elapsed, the close brush of death had still lingered in the air. Sounds dumb for a minute, the man had no weapon, but nonetheless he had to power to hurt me, possibly kill me. Stupid saying that I could have almost lost my life at that time, at that hot summer night. The looks of my parent's face. The look of my grandmother's face, my aunt's, my sister's. They all said the same thing: fear. The fear of what of other possibilities of the outcomes, if it had not been of what had just transpired. That all we live in life. Fear. A simple thing, yet, it makes even the strongest and bravest man cower before it. Afraid to lose his life. Afraid to lose everything he had worked hard for, only to find death waiting for him, ready to take him

I was now at the computer trying to calm myself down. With no avail. The feeling of being able to escape with my life was too great. With my head down at the desk, I thought how lucky I am to live, to able to survive. That death was so nearby, it was too close for comfort. I would never risk the value of a life. An object can be easily be replaced, it can be gotten back, but a life is something that you lose, and can never get back. A life lost, is lost for all eternity, no longer living. Life is too precious. Indeed it is.

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