"'The Indistinct Nature of Loss,'

I'll love never-more..."
"...Never again exceeding?..."
"...Never again there."

As when eyes were open
to only mirror at myself
–reflect in me directly–
then my eyes closed,
at my center for a short while,
reinforced as with dependence,
y la descentralización
de la autoridad,..

His authority,
sensing all from this point
and only liking what you hear:

"Could I not look at you
and hold in mind 'Of You' forever...
and see naught but the world
like an unshared rationale
–only to yourself,
this choir, preached–
asking not, but knowing
which came first:

or the need thereof...

and Why?...

As true as art–
the application of abstraction,
the appreciation of aesthetics,
and preferably both,
I cannot help but try
to write my sense of you,
that not ever encompassing;
and so I shan't know success,
but still..."