My Personal Pet

Chapter 1: Prologue


I watched as the models walked down the catwalk in ravishingly exquisite clothing, wondering how they managed to move so gracefully. I didn't really know what I was doing here; the only reason I would waste my time working for the gorgeous, spoiled, rich celebrities is because they paid the best money. It really is a pain having to listen to them brag about their wealthy lifestyles and seriously, I can't believe they are so picky! Some people can't even afford the beads or sashes on these dresses!

Elli always tells me not to work too hard but Jake and I both know that we have to work hard in order to become rich or at least not poor, that's why I hate spoiled brats and princesses; they don't have to work very hard and can get anything they want, but what would I know? I'm not rich.

"Yuki, Yuki! Could you please help me with my make up?" Ally yelled from across the dressing room.

I made my way backstage to help Ally. It was my job for today as a backstage helper at this particular fashion show in which my best friend just happened to model for.

"Yuki-chan, you really shouldn't work too hard, it's bad for you." Will reminded me as he emerged next to us, after having been on the catwalk a few minutes earlier.

The twins, Allison and William Evergreen, have been with me for as long as I can remember. When my mother died, they were with me. When my father remarried, they were with me. When my father died, they were with me. They've always been there for me whenever I needed them.

Since both my biological parents are in heaven, I live with my step-mother, Naomi Hartley, (whom I just call step-mom), my step-sister and my half-brother. We live in South-town, the poorer part of the country - with North-town being the wealthier. Our house is next to the Evergreen's but they are not as poor they were in the 'normal' category of wealth, so you could probably imagine what our house looked like next to theirs.

My biological father was Louis Walker, a very mysterious man and according to what I remember, he was also half French. He married three times, probably something common for people that time…I don't know. His first wife was Emily Rivera, who is also the mother of my half-brother, Jacob Rivera, whom everyone simply calls Jake. From photos that Jake carries of his mother; I could tell that she was an extremely kind and gentle lady. Jake had father's messy chocolate-brown and his mother's soft, baby-blue eyes. Sadly, she passed away giving birth to Jake. Father's second wife was my mother, Akari Yamamoto, who was Japanese. That's right, I'm half Japanese; my name is Yuki Yamamoto. I don't remember much about my mother since she died only a few years after I was born. Father's third wife was step-mom, who already had a daughter a year younger than me. She is my step-sister, Elizabeth Hartley; Elli for short. He mysteriously died after marrying step-mom, and she disallowed us from using his surname.

"Yuki, you know you should have taken Bella's offer to model…I thinks it's way better than working backstage" said Ally. It may be better for Ally, but not for me. I'm somewhat tomboyish - things like clothes bore me and things like dresses are something I would definitely never wear.

Ally, Will and I were offered this job from Isabella Evans, the prettiest girl at school and also Will's girlfriend. That's probably the reason why I'm jealous of her, since I have this crush on Will; it's like a secret unrequited crush though. Actually, anyone who sees me when I'm around Will can tell I like him, everyone except Will himself. Ally knows, Jake knows, even Elli and Bella know. I'm not like Bella; even though I'm jealous of her, I know she is very kind-hearted. She's also utterly gorgeous and is one of those wealthy people, but for some peculiar reason, she didn't turn out spoiled.

Even I think she's stunning - her long golden locks that go down to her waist and look like strands of luscious golden silk and her sparkly and cheerful ivy green eyes are always so full of energy and friendliness. She was always beautiful, when she was only ten, professional talent scouts recommended her as a model to the most famous talent agency resulting in her debut as a model at the age of ten! Seven years later (now) and she's just as gorgeous as ever. No wonder Will fell in love with her.

"Yeah, you should have modeled with us, it would have been fun" Will added with a handsome, sincere smile.

I think I enjoyed it more watching Will and Ally model, they not be as rich and famous but they certainly have the looks. Will and Ally both have dark brown eyes that are always friendly and cheerful and they both have light chocolate brown hair that look as soft as feathers. They looked identical except for the fact that Ally has longer hair, that goes just below her shoulders; longer than mine but not as long as Bella's.

"It's impossible, I wouldn't look good next to you two…" I quickly replied.

"What are you saying? I bet that your rare violet-blue eyes are just the kind of uniqueness the talent scouts are looking for"

"They're not that rare, Ally" I said even though I knew it wasn't true.

I have short Asian raven-black hair that doesn't go past my shoulders since it'd be easier to care for, but even so, my hair wasn't perfectly straight, at the top of it is but towards the end it's just all curly and weird. That's absolutely plain and normal, there's no way I would be a model. Although, Ally was right, I have my father's rare violet-blue eyes that many people say look like gems, that's probably the only good thing though. They should have asked Elli to model, she's also gorgeous. We're not biologically related, but she is the complete opposite of me. She's shy and petite but very kind and thoughtful. Her long dark brown hair and sea blue eyes make a very tropical combination making her look even more perfect. I'm somewhat tomboyish since there were mostly boys around, except for Ally. I enjoy playing some sports and I have a hate-to-lose attitude making me even more like a boy.

"I wouldn't look good in a dress either" I added smiling slightly.

"How would you know? You've never ever even tried one on!" All exclaimed.

"I'm sure you'd look good thought, Yuki-chan" Will commented.

That's what I like about Will; he's always so nice and friendly to everyone. He's very popular at school and very smart, a genius to be exact. Me, All and Will are the same age, we're sixteen so we're in tenth grade but Will is in eleventh grade because he's smarter than us and skipped a grade. It's a good thing and I feel happy for him but the thing is Bella is sixteen so she's in tenth grade and in the same class as Will. Jake's also in eleventh grade, while Elli is in ninth grade.

"Alrighty! We're done for today!" Ally exclaimed loudly. Me and Will just smile silently next to her both a little embarrassed, since most of the people were now staring at us.

"What should we do now?" I asked, wanting to break away from the awkward moment.

"Yuki-chan, you have to go without me today, I have a date with Bella, after she's done." Will replied, looking at me with an apologetic face.

"Ahahaha…" Ally started laughing nervously. "I actually have something to do as well-"

They all have something planned. I guess I shouldn't be the one stopping them from having their fun. Today will probably be another boring day.

"No! It's fine, you guys have fun, and I'll be fine." I interrupted.

"Are you sure, Yuki-chan?" Will asked concerned.

"Yeah, don't worry about me. You should check on Bella, she might be waiting." I tell him, trying to smile. After all, she's the one you love…

Will leaves after apologizing over and over again.

"You should tell it straight to my brother's face that you love him! I can't believe he's so dense!" Ally exclaimed, frustrated now.

"Don't be so loud! Everyone will hear you!" I scold her.

After Ally left, I went to receive my pay and exited the building, glad to be finally out of a rich person's place.


"Leon! I LOVE YOU!"

"Can I have your autograph?"


"Marry Me!"

"He's so hot!"

"Would you like me to turn on the radio, Young Master?" the driver asked, the tall, dark and handsome young man in the back seat or the limousine.

"No, it's fine. You can't help it if my fans are too noisy" the handsome modern-day-prince like young man, known as Leon Phantomhive, replied.