Remember me? I haven't uploaded anything in ages and I'm sorry if this update got your hopes up... no, it's not a new chapter ... Just something that may actually get some of your hopes up :)

I'm rewriting 'The Matchmaker' as a completely different story. Well, of course Malt will remain but it is up as a new story called 'Matchmaker Malt' so please do check it out.

The story has pretty much the same concept and characters except since I wrote that based on my life almost 3 years ago...most of it was fiction though... still I can't really continue it so this new story will be based of my life now ... I wonder if there are changes in the characters and my writing. Anyways, its set in the future of the last story which would be the present now. Again, based of real people and this time the events that actually happen with Malt are only half fiction. I won't say which parts are true. And because of this, I have changed the names of all the characters! I won't tell you who they represent either, just think of it as moving schools. You're the same but everyone around you is different. That's what it will be like, I guess.

For the second good news (or bad) I'm rewriting 'My Personal Pet' for the 3rd time. I just like the story but the longer I put it off, the more I feel the need to rewrite because the me now isn't satisfied with the writing of the me then. LOL. The thing is that I will be replacing the chapters so say goodbye to the Leon and Yuki of 2010 (I think) when I first wrote it and please welcome the Yuki and Leon of 2013, the present! I promise you, the writing of that 13-year-old no longer exists and therefore, hopefully, it will be much more entertaining. If not and you preferred the old versions...I apologize, I must have left my writing for too long.

As for the other stories, never again will you see them. Ideas will remain but I will change them completely so please stay tuned to my newer works and I hope that you will continue to support me :)