I don't wanna run away.

You'd follow me any way.

I'd rather face it once and for all.

It's bad enough that you broke my heart.

Add in your lies and fake promises.

You don't really need to rub your

New relationship in my face!

You think you've shuttered me?

You think I'm in distress?

No! I like it when it hurts inside.

That is my inspiration to write.

I'm addicted to this pain.

Even if it drives me insane!

You're the emotion I love to fight.

I love it when it hurts inside!

Without you I'm numb.

I can't feel a single thing.

But you make me switch from smile to frown.

I love how you can cause my mood swings.

You make me feel human

Even when my hands clench into fist.

I can clearly see my pain.

Life no longer seems like a mist.

But I also see the road ahead.

The day when it won't hurt inside.

I can tell it's still far away.

There's still too much left to write and say.

There's more to cry every night and day.

So for now, you're the disease I don't want cured.

You're my end, of this I'm sure.

You're the emotion I love to fight.

I love it when it hurts inside.

One day this burning will end.

One day I won't have to pretend.

One day I'll click on your profile

And still keep on my smile.

One day I'll no longer have to fight.

One day I'll move on.

One day it won't hurt inside.

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