A/N: This story was a challenge from one of my close friends and I have accepted to this story will be something out of what I'm comfortable. Well let us begin the story shall we.

Title: Nightwing Academy

Summ: In a school detached from the world, will the lives of the students become endangered when a dark secret behind the establishment of the school is revealed. Will they find out the truth or will it be concealed within the darkness which shrouds the past of the school.

Rating: T to M due to different events and possible incidents.

It was morning when he woke up. His silver eyes gazed upon the open window, scanning the area until he sighed and pushed himself off of his bed. His dark brown hair unkempt, his silvery eyes still in a daze. His stride was slow and uneven until he heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" He responded plainly only to hear the voice of his good friend, Alejo.

"Its me, Alejo" Responded Alejo as he yawned.

"Come on in Alejo" He called out as he stepped into the shower and turned it on.

Alejo was a guy about eighteen years old, his jet black hair was never brushed or anything yet it looked clean and amazing, his blue-green eyes reflected his playful nature as well as his general laid back personality. His face was as plain as any guy's could be, but then again he always attracted the ladies. He had facial hair, mostly on his chin though. He wore a dark green shirt with marks and paint splatter all over it as well as a pair of simple blue jeans which met the same treatment.

He grinned as he sat down on the chair near the bed. "I see you just woke up." He called out only to hear a muffled response. "Yeah...thats what I thought" He said with another chuckle.

Once Altier was done in the shower he came out and yawned again as he removed his bath robe and threw it on the bed. "So anything new Alejo?" He called out as he pulled on his white shirt and black jacket.

"Nothing really monsieur Evenos." He replied with a grin on his face. In response the silver eyed boy could only shake his head in annoyance.

"Didn't I tell you to stop calling me Monsieur Evenos.....Altier is just fine" He retorted with a sigh of annoyance to back up the shaking of his head. "Well today is a Saturday so classes won't take place today. wanna go somewhere to hang out?" Altier asked while crossing his arms.

Alejo chuckled as he sat down on the bed and made himself comfortable. "Stop being so uptight already. You're always so grouchy, it can be pretty funny at times." He said while trying to suppress his growing laughter. "C'mon why so serious!" He said again with another laugh.

Altier only sighed as he opened his phone and read a text from someone. "Alejo let's go. Aquamaria wants to see us now" He said while closing his phone and putting on his shoes only to hear a crunching sound which made him turn only to see Alejo eating a crispy chocolate bar. "You're eating my chocolate?!" He exclaimed as he glared at Alejo.

"Noooo...welll...yes. Yep I'm eating your chocolate. Its really tasty!" He replied with a grin on his face as he stood and walked out of the door. "Anyways. Where's Aquamaria. Home. Park. School. Shower....Library?" He asked with a still wide grin.

Altier could only sigh as he walked out the door dragging Alejo with him. "C'mon she's been waiting. Next time ask whether you can go into my fridge" He called out as he stepped out the front door followed by Alejo.

As they wandered through the street, Altier looked at the surrounding buildings with a steady stare as he and Alejo walked down the silent streets together. "so how long does this make it?" He asked aloud only to get a questioning look from Alejo.

"What do you mean about 'how long' Monsieur?" He replied with a quick glance until he stopped and chuckled. "Ah. I figured it out, you're wondering about how long we've all hung out together am I right?" He said with another smirk.

"for someone so smart you're a complete idiot." Altier responded while passing him. "and enough of the 'monsieur' crap its annoying." He said with a growl.

"Ahhh so scary monsieur Evenos." Alejo responded with a burst of laughter as he ran past him. "How bout a race like old times!" He said as he sped ahead.

"H-Hey!! Wait up Alejo! You....GAH!!! You idiot!" He yelled out as he chased after Alejo who kept running until he suddenly stopped only to get rammed by Altier who couldn't stop in time. "GAHHH!!!" They both screamed simultaneously as they both fell to the ground.

In front of them stood a girl with long red hair which trailed down her back, she wore a dark blue blouse as well as some blue jeans, her pale eyes looked down at the two as she shook her head in disbelief as her two friends were on the ground like a pair of idiots. "Altier, Alejo....." She said as both boys shot up with their eyes widened.

"I'M SORRY!!" Both boys yelled out at the same time with a bow which led her to laugh at them.

Her eyes then scanned them only to have her shake her head. "Altier, did you injure your hand again?" She asked as she grabbed his hand and studied it only to see a scar on it.

"It was during practice. I couldn't block in time so I let the attack hit...." He replied with a nervous chuckle. "Its nothing and its healed already....no point in worrying about it....right?..." He said with another chuckle only to feel a swift hit across his head. "ow..."

She sighed as she turned and started walking. "Don't let it happen again.... if you leave injuries like that untreated you'll end up in trouble.... understood?" She asked only to receive a quick nod from Altier as he followed her.

Alejo was sitting in front of a cafe with a devilish smirk on his face as he saw both Altier and Aquamaria walking together towards the table he was sitting at. "So how was the alone time Monsieur?" He asked while taking a sip from his hot chocolate. "Ah that hits the spot..."

Altier only looked away with a quick blush as he sat down next to Alejo. "well how did you get here so quickly" He asked while still hiding the light red blush across his face.

Alejo grinned as he took another sip. "As soon as you two started talking I left so I came here and the chocolate here is Great!" He said with a wide smirk. "Anyways I had to escape."

Aquamaria only tilted her head in confusion. "Escape? From who? more like who's stupid enough to go after the captain of the fencing team.." She asked while taking a seat.

"Fangirls" both Alejo and Altier responded simultaneously only to give each other a quick glare. "Don't steal my line!" They both said only to hear a snap. "Sorry.."

Aquamaria only sighed as she looked at the plate which the waiter had brought in. "For a cafe its a surprise to see that they need waiters." She said as she picked up her fork and cut into the intricate cake. "looks good.." She said as she ate the piece. "oh my....this is amazing.." She mumbled to herself as she continued eating the piece of cake.

As the three talked, a man wearing a pure white suit walked over to their table. "My my, how are the three of you this fine afternoon?" He said with a warm smile.

Altier looked up from his tea with a sigh. "Professor Vladimir...What brings you here?" He asked while picking up his tea and taking another sip.

"Ah so fierce." Vladimir replied with a chuckle. "Don't worry Mr. Evenos. I'm here for Aquamaria...I need to have a little chat with her." He said with a quick chuckle as he looked at Aquamaria in the eyes.

She only sighed as she stood. "Understood professor...I'll be on my way now. I'm sorry for not being able to stay after calling you out here guys.." She said as her and Vladimir walked away. "I'll see you two at tomorrow's ceremony..."

As the two walked to an abandoned building, Vladimir stopped and looked at Aquamaria as she sat down on the steps of the old building. "What did you want me for?" She asked as she looked around the area. "And why did you bring me to the older part of the town?"

Vladimir chuckled as he pulled out a small device from his coat pocket. "At tomorrows introductory ceremony.....I want you to plant these on Altier and Alejo. They are two people who would put this place in a peculiar position...so place these on them and they'll record everything they say....alright."

She only sighed as she took the two devices. "Understood...I'll do it then..."

He only gave a low chuckle as he sat down next to her. "No feelings about doing this to your friends?" He asked while moving his sight to the sky. "If you do. I can always get Mishka on this matter."

Aquamaria growled slightly as she stood up. "I have no feeling about this...my duty is to Nightwing and Nightwing only....I don't want to be betrayed by those close to me again..." She then placed the devices in her pocket. "You can count on me.......I'll complete this with no problem."

He grinned as he stood up. "Don't forget....you mess up and the utopia you see here will be out of your reach and you'll no longer be welcomed here."


~End of chap 1