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Altier blinked while staring at the ceiling, his eyes wandered from corner to corner until he sighed and sat up. "Do I go to the entrance ceremony?" He mumbled to himself as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. "I guess I'll call Alejo and see if he's busy." As he was about to dial, he heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" He called out.


"come in" He said while putting his phone away into his pocket.

Once she stepped into the room, she sat down on his bed and looked around. "I've been here so many times but I never got a good look at this place...its a mess" She said while pulling something out of her pocket.

"Yeah I know. But its my mess" He replied with a chuckle only to get a sharp glare. "Geez...fine I'll pick it up when I get back." He replied to her glare.

She sighed as she placed her hand on her face. "Well I came to give you something." she said while holding an intricate strap in her hand, the material it was made of looked expensive as the intricate buttons on it made it look as if crafted by someone who was extremely experienced. "think of it as a good luck charm..."

Altier chuckled as he stretched. "So It's a good luck charm huh.."

"you do so many stupid things with Alejo. With that I'll at least have more faith in you two idiots." She replied with a straight face.

Altier laughed while he took the strap. "I see. So I guess you're giving one to him too?" He asked while picking up his tie and tying it around his neck.

Aquamaria looked at him and tilted her head slightly. "Yeah but I gave one to you first cause I figured you'd get mad if I gave one to Alejo and not you" Her eyes then shifted away from him. 'Do I really want to do this...they're my childhood friends...' She thought while turning her head back which made her scream as she fell off of the bed.

Altier laughed as he sat down. "I knew it! you're still a scaredy cat." He said while slipping his jacket on. "Well...I guess I'll see you at the opening ceremony." He said as he stood up and opened his door.

"Be careful" She said as they parted ways. 'I don't know what he'll do...but...please be careful.' She shook her head as she began walking towards Alejo's apartment. "I gotta snap out of it. I'm thinking way too much." She said to herself as she continued walking.

Meanwhile, Alejo smirked as he continued attacking a blank canvas with random paints. "And more blue! Now Red! Now let's add some black!" He said aloud as he continued his random actions. "and now for the grand finale!" He yelled out as he pulled a brush out and began mixing and blending paints on the canvas. As he dwell in his imaginary land of ingenuity, he was suddenly snapped out of it by a knock on the door. "Aww...oh well. Who is it!" He called out.

"Aquamaria..Can I come in?"

Alejo sighed as he put the brush down and quickly got a change of clothes on. "Yeah go ahead and come in!" He yelled out as he sat down on his couch.

Once she stepped in, her eyes quickly examined the room in awe as she looked at the neatly cleaned room and the paintings which adorned it along with the many supplies he would use with the occasional canvas, paints, brushes, and even clay. "wow...for an artist you're so...neat...and tidy" she said as she sat down on a nearby chair.

"Yeah I need to keep it clean since clients tend to come in and ask for some kind of work soooo I have to look as professional as possible" He said as he stretched and slightly tilted head as he looked at a bracelet which she dangled in front of him. "and this is?"

Aquamaria sighed as she quickly put the bracelet around his wrist. "Its a gift. Keep it..think of it like a good luck charm." She said as she stood back up and yawned. "I have to get going since the opening ceremony starts soon. Hurry up and we'll see you there alright" She said as she left.

Alejo chuckled as he looked at the bracelet. "this looks kinda cool...meh I might as well keep it" He said as he quickly pulled on his jacket and fixed the small crest on the top right shoulder. "Maann. I don't wanna go to the ceremony." He said with a low sigh as he looked back at his work in progress. "That will just have to wait then."

Aquamaria smiled as she stepped outside of the apartment only to run into another girl, she wore the school uniform except she wore a bright red scarf around her neck. "Does your name happen to be Aquamaria was it?" She asked in a strange accent.

"Yeah my name is Aquamaria..what's it to you?" She said with a cautious stare.

"Oh nothing nothing.." The girl replied as she walked past her. "remember my face Aqua...because by the end of this year...I will be the one on top." She whispered to Aquamaria as she walked by. She then continued until she stopped. "By the way...my name is Mishka" she said aloud as she continued walking towards the school.

"So thats Mishka...I'll have to be more careful" Aquamaria mumbled to herself as she ran as fast as she could to the school.

It was now around twelve thirty as the large classical auditorium was full of students, staff, parents, and even representatives from each country. A man with pitch black hair stood up and waked over to the large podium and fixed the microphone. His eyes studied the students as he unfolded a piece of paper and began to read.

"My name is Istovahn Cross, my family was part of the original settlement which was soon to sprout into this amazing community we have now. My father told me 'Vahn..once we adults face our end we want you all to take our place and lead this town to greatness. to show the world what a true Utopia could be. To show the world...what peace would achieve."

we commemorate this day to the humble beginnings of our fathers and grandfathers in which they built the town with their blood, sweat and tears. we celebrate the formation of the independent colony of Nightwing. a colony which will lead the world into a future of peace and prosperity. I would like to ask you all to take this chance to pray for those before us so that we may live the rest of our lives without regret."

"Please forefathers allow us to live our days in peace and prosperity even when the world is at the brink. May we of Nightwing be the shining beacon of hope that brings hope to those far and wide. we want to thank you all for everything and I would like to ask that we have another amazing year. Benedicite terra humílibus"

As Vahn finished speaking, all of the students stood and repeated the last line as he smiled and walked back to his seat while each of the other members of the faculty introduced themselves.

"Alright no one can really beat that..so I'll just quickly introduce myself." Spoke another instructor but the difference was in his laid-back and calm attitude as opposed to the calculating nature shown by Cross. His hazel eyes scanned the group of students almost as if he was looking for someone until he cleared his throat and began to speak again.

"My name is simple enough. Joeseph Ingrim. I'm the P.E. instructor as well as an instructor in other classes. I was born a while back and I ended up here because of my ability to quickly grasp any concept. I've lived here for about ten years now and I don' really have anything else to say." He chuckled as he walked back to his seat and sat down.

The next teacher up was a woman, her bright red hair was illuminated by the sun that poured in through the windows as she opened up a small slip of paper and begun to read. "My name is Mia Levia Stratos. I'm the head nurse as well as a knowledgeable scientist." She looked around the crowd and narrowed her clear blue eyes on Altier who was sitting on the far end of the auditorium.

"My time here has been brief as I barely have a year in this town and as I have found out on my own. How amazing this place is. The Climate here is much more diverse, and intriguing that it ever was in my homeland. I am grateful that my wishes have thus far come true. I only wish for the lives you all live. To be a great as the lives of all of us teachers here. Thank you" She said as she sat back down on her seat.

The rest of the ceremony went on like usual, the teachers introducing themselves followed by a word from the student council and finally ending with an activity they all enjoyed at some point or another. Aquamaria on the other hand left quickly before anyone noticed her and headed straight home. As she ran out the door, a boy standing in the balcony watched her as she ran. "She left."

The boy smirked as he rested against the window. "So she caught your eyes this time huh?"

Aquamaria carefully walked home almost as if trying to avoid contact with others until she heard a voice. "You're being too obvious" Her eyes widened as she could feel something wrong with her while looking at the large double doors which gave access to her home.

"You left the ceremony before any of the other students." Aquamaria looked all around her and saw no one until she spotted a person wearing a variation of the male uniform. "Now then. Answer this." He stepped into the light which revealed a boy with pitch-black hair. "Why did you wait till now to realize what she used on you?" He said as he continued walking towards her.

She narrowed her eyes and readied herself as she studied her surroundings. "Were you the one who was watching me during the ceremony?" She asked cautiously.

"No" He replied as he stopped a few steps away from her.

She could feel herself become weak as she struggled to keep herself up. "Then who are you? and what do you want from me?"

The boy stood still and sighed. "It's late. I'm sorry" He said as he pulled his hands out of his pockets.

She looked at him until her vision began to blur. "Whats happening...to me?" She said as she fell forward. "Wh...hap..n..g" She murmured as she lost consciousness.

The boy caught her and looked at a small mark on her neck. "So she was being used too huh.." He said as he quickly picked her up and left.