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The end: cocked the pistol, pulled the trigger; all I saw was red

I was standing in my garden, barefoot in the grass; worms were squeezing their way through my toes, the heavy downpour bringing them from the ground. I stepped silently towards my house, soaking from head to toe from the rain; the water dripped off my hair and down my face. On to the patio my bare feet left behind dirty prints. At the window I knelt quietly staying out of sight; I wanted to reason with her, at least get her head right and then get her heart right.

Through the glass I saw her dress fall to the floor; he stood in front of her stroking the face that I adored. The lamps on the tables created a warm glow filling all corners of the room. Her dark hair was loose waving in thick locks down her slender back. His hands roamed her body, embracing her, touching every inch. Her delicate fingers removed his shirt, undoing the buttons slowly to expose his toned chest. As she reached for his zipper I saw his erection throbbing to become loose, pushing out his trousers and creating a tent of pure sexed up muscle.

This was the woman that I adored. The woman I loved. Giving and receiving pleasure from someone else. I couldn't believe this was happening. With anger spreading through me I narrowed my eyes looking at the man who was about to take my wife.

I crept in closer resting my hand on the window ledge and watched the way his hands touched her, his hands trailed over her skin across her knees and on to her sweet spot. I stood up, my back against the wall. Breathing heavily I tried to gain control. I heard her begging him for more; it was never-ending moaning asking him for more. I had to fix this on my own. My heart needed to be replaced. I'm convinced mine broke the day I let us end. I couldn't live every day just coping. I needed there to be an end. I had to get inside.

I crawled along the patio towards the back door, my hands and knees scratching on the sharp and gagged floor. I touched the handle; it was unlocked. Standing up I stood in the darkness of my kitchen. This used to be my home. I used to eat breakfast at that table, watch her walk around in a nightgown as she prepared my breakfast, before kissing me goodbye and I went out the door to work.

I was done with coping. I couldn't hope any longer. I needed to take this into my own hands. Squeezing life into my brain it was like pushing knives into a vein, I crept in though the room and looked out the door into the living room; I had to see this happening. They however were gone.

Making my way down the hall I stepped on the steps letting myself upstairs. I turned the doorknob slowly with two fingers. The lighting was dim; I made my way into the room and into a corner. He pushed himself so deep inside her the screaming rang off every wooden wall and that's when it went silent. It was blank except for the colour red.

I walked numbly beside the bed paralyzed of all emotion except anger. I said, "I know I'm not supposed to be here, but I just had to see how good your new man really fucks you." They stopped and looked over, seeing me standing there soaking wet. Shocked they scrambled about on the bed, I rushed out and grabbed them with my hands tying them up and putting blind folds on to mask their stare. "You have both been fucking me." I wrestled with her new man and got him tied face down on the bed. "So now I planned the last thing you can both do as a pair. I don't want to alarm you, but I figured we could end this in what seems easy, quick and painless. So I'll get down to business."

I chose him first because the gun was at his head. "Laugh at me just one more time, but keep your face inside the bed." I pointed at her; she was squirming around on the bed, naked, tied and gagged. I shouted in her face. "You sit and watch me while I do this shit and learn from what I've said." I turned the gun towards the back of his head, cocked the pistol, pulled the trigger and all I saw was red.

Then the screaming – oh, the screaming; she wouldn't shut up. "It's nice to see you scared." She thought I was a weak and stupid husband, but I knew she never really cared. "I'll leave you with a question that I need to hear from your head!" I shouted. "Was all this worth it knowing you have just seconds left to live?" I rammed the gun into her head, pressing deep into her skull. "Now think about your answer." I cocked the pistol, pulled the trigger and all I saw was red.

I gently stroked her arm as she laid lifeless on her back. Then I placed the barrel in my mouth.

All I saw was black.

The End


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The end by Blue October (The story is based on this song; it's a very good song I recommend you You Tube it.)


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