Chapter 1.

"So you aren't going out with him Holland?" My friend Jane is literally the nosiest person alive.

"You honestly think I would go out with Ian Hockings?" I sigh as I finish up my homework seminar is terribly boring.

"Yes! Are you crazy!? He is completely gorgeous, into you, and a singer, why not!?" She looks at me as if I belong in a mental hospital.

"He is not my type." I glare at Jane signaling I want to change the conversation.

She continues anyway. "How!?" She gasps. "Please don't tell me doesn't walk right or his teeth aren't white enough. That is a pretty bad quality to have." She says this completely sarcastically.

"Shut up." I laugh slightly knowing she's trying to piss me off. I mean Ian isn't a terrible guy it's just… well lets see I don't see all the qualities most girls see;

Bright blue eyes= turn on.

Tall= turn on.

Brown eyes= turn on.

Clumsy= turn off.

Always tries for romance= turn off.


All of these were the definitions of Ian. Ian is two years older then me. He is a college drop out but helps out at the high school-

Jane interrupts my train of thought. "Exactly 42 days 17 minutes and…. 18 seconds until graduation." She smirks. "Then off to Stanford with you." She laughs as the bell rings and we walk out of school.

"Yeah and tomorrow is my mothers wedding." I sigh not very excited.

"What number is this lucky man?" She laughs.

"Number 8..." I sigh at the number. I was from my moms third and only child. You see my moms a model so she is constantly traveling… my definition of traveling…

Traveling~ Going to a new city or state with a large amount of "good looking" guys. This leads to a divorce which leads to new man. Which leaves me the official wedding planner.

"Wow…" She smirks. "Number 8." She gets in her car. We park next to each other. "See you Monday Holland." She pauses then giggles slightly as she says. "Good Luck."

"I'm going to need it." I sigh as I watch her drive off as I get into my car. "Now to pick up Bryan…" I sigh as I drive to my cousins bands home.


Once I get there the screen door is propped open with a brick while their orange tabby cat named Charlie sun baths on the porch. I walk into the small red house. I'm greeted by acoustic guitars and various old drum sets and keyboards. I hope I don't run into-

"Holland?" Ian… I can hear him come in right behind me.

I turn around. The last guy I wanted to run into. "Hi Ian… uh have you seen Bryan? I'm here to pick him up." I look down at his hands. Covered in grease. "Car brake down again?"

"Yeah…" he sighs. Then looks back at me then smirks. "Bryan is down in the basement."

"Temper tantrum?" I sigh. When Bryan is having a fit like a two year old with his girlfriend he hides in the basement.

"Big one. Been trying to get him out of there for hours." Ian sighs. "Do you want something to eat or drink?" He tries to smile but it isn't working.

"No, I should probably get going though, have a wedding to plan." I sigh wondering what kind of panic attack my moms having right now.

"Oh uh…" He pauses. "Should I send him over to you when he comes out?" Obviously talking about Bryan.

"yeah." I walk past him and got back in my car and drove off. I could feel Ian watch as I drove off. Now home… to my insane mother.


My mom opens the door before I do. "Hello darling. Where is Bryan?" I could tell she is stressed and about to lose her mind.

"Oh he is at Ian's he'll come by later." Trying to hide the fact he is acting like a two year old in time out.

"Oh okay… Holland would you mind helping out with the grill?" She asks calmly.

I pause. "What grill?" I look at her like I have no idea what she was talking about because for once I didn't.

She rubs the back of her head and sighs. "I actually invited everyone over for a little grill party."

"Who exactly are these people?…" I ask probably already knowing the answer

"Oh honey the usual…" She pauses.

I brace myself for the impact. "Who will be joining us mom?" I try to smile calmly.

"….." She pauses. "Thomas, Sam, Steven, Bryan, and Ian." She smiles. Thomas being her number 8. Sam, Steven, Bryan, being the band and of course Ian being the perfect guy who is the perfect lead singer of the perfect band.

I cringe. Ian really!? I mean come on. "That's great mom… uh I'm going to go out for a bit. Thomas should know how to work it okay. So just call him."

"Okay that sounds good." She smiles. "Have fun." She closes the door behind her.

I walk to my car. In less then a hour the last guy I want to see is going to be at MY house…