My name is Gregory and this is my story:

The dream. I was walking through the darkness. Then it jumped out. I knew it wanted me. I just barely woke up in time.

I screamed. The sweat was pouring down my face. It was 1:00. I had never had a dream so real before. I could feel everything.

I saw movement in the corner of my room. I looked just in time to see this shadow walk by. This freaked me out more than the dream.

What did it want from me? It glided by.

I gently feel back asleep. Hopefully this would be better.

I went to school the next day haunted by this shadow that walked by. It had a reason for being there. Whether it wanted me or not it had a purpose. I just knew it. I wished it would show up the next night.

That night I had another nightmare. When, I woke up the shadow was there. Even though I wanted it there, it still scared me.

The dream I had when I went back to sleep was odd. I was wearing a jacket and a friend would steal it from me and we would run out to the playground, I would eventually get it back. Through the dream I could feel something making designs on my head. Almost like a rune they make in City of Bones.

That day was boring; every class seemed to take forever. Eventually, the last bell rung. I was walking through the hall. I turned back just in time to see my friend take my jacket and run away with it. Running through the hall, getting yelled at, I chased him. He ran out the back door. Me, being the klutz I was, ran into the wall and fell down hitting my arm hard. Still I realized I must go on. I chased him on the playground. After about twenty minutes, I got my jacket back.

That night I was going over to my friend's house, I told him about my dreams and he seemed in awe. His sister came home and wondered what was going on. I told her about half the story before I stopped. My mind went blank. For about forty minutes, they say I did odd things.

Important Message: What Gregory did will be in the next chapter from the sister's point of view. I'm sorry if you're waiting, but I thought it would be easier to comprehend. Check back for the next chapter.