Alice's Point of View:

I was coming back from my friend, Emily's, house. It was just five minutes away from my house so I walked. It was an eerie night and it was close to Halloween so that made it even creepier. When I walked in the driveway, I heard a rustle in the bushes, so I ran inside the house. When I walked inside, I realized I was crying. I tried to clam my self down. It sounded like my brother, Brendon, was talking with his friend, Gregory. I had had a crush on him since Third Grade, even though he was a senior and I was a junior, it didn't mater to me.

"Yeah, Austin just took my jacket, like how it happened in my dream."

"Did you get it ba-"

"Hey guys."

"Hey Alice," Gregory said.

Man was he hot! I thought.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Tell her," Brendon said.

"Fine. Long-story-short, this shadow walked past my room and when I fell back to-" Gregory went into this trance.

We stared at him, wondering what was wrong. He stared back at us with those blank eyes. What was wrong with him? Just a minute ago, he was telling me this story, then he just cuts off. What's wrong with this guy. Did he have problems, cause I certainty want to know.

"Gregory?" I shoved his shoulder thinking he'll knock out of it. All he does is get up and start walking. He walked out the room,to the stairs.

This will be bad. I think. Why wouldn't I think that? He was in some trance and was about to walk down stairs. Luckily, he turned away and walked down our narrow hallway. He walked past my brother's room.

Man, he needs to clean up his room, I thought. Again, why wouldn't I? There was trash scattered all over his room. His bed was un-made. Still, Gregory kept on walking.

I hoped he would walk into my parents' room, but instead, he walked into my room. The room was decorated with flowers. The covers were flowers. The bedsheets were flowers. I had had this room every since I was little, being embarrassed by it ever since. He went to the window.

"Look," he said. Brendon and I went over to the window. We both looked. It was the lake. Normal as ever.

"It looks like a dead fish." I looked again and he was right. This eerie black mist was going over the lake forming what looked like a dead fish.

"DUCK!" he screamed. I did. My brother did. He did after a ten second delay.

What was he doing?

We dived on the other side of the bed. Then, we all looked up. At the window the mist was there. It looked like the Grim Reaper. He pointed at Gregory.

"DUCK!" Again we did.


When I looked up my window was cracked with this weird fog all over it. We all got a closer look. Gregory was obviously out of the trance.

"What happened? Wow, look at that!" When I looked I was amazed. Dead fish had come up where the fish mist used to be. This would definitely keep me up for a night or two.

We partied all night until Gregory had to go. I went to bed early that night, tired from the party. What had happened haunted my dreams, but mostly I thought of Gregory.


Gregory's Point of View:

I couldn't forget about what happened that night. I barely got to sleep.

I woke up and looked at the clock.


I looked at my foot board, and there she was. A little girl. She was obviously sick. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She reached out toward my foot and grabbed it. She gripped it hard and she smiled a Cheshire Cat smile. For some reason she turned yellow. Then this light burst through and snatched her up and took her away. The next day, I had bruises on my ankle from where she had grabbed me.

Author's Note: The next chapter will be posted next month. I am working on re-writing all my stories. So Sorry :(