A/N- This was something I once did with a cousin of mine via e-mail. Yes. This was born from boredom. It's a two-sentence thing, along with notes we put at the end of each e-mail. For the pure sake of amusement. (And for privacy reasons, some notes were taken out.)

WARNING- Overuse of the word 'foolish' for around the first half of this.

There once was this foolish fool who lived in a foolish land and who spoke foolish talk. One day he watched a foolish show on TV.
Maaaaaaan this is so lame! You wanna just quit it?
Or can you make it more interesting?
What can I type with just two sentences?

The foolish show was loved by foolish people. So naturally, Mr. Foolish loved it.
Ps. yes, we continue.

"We are having a foolish competition for our foolish viewers, whoever foolishly wishes to participate is to come to Foolish Square at 2:00PM tomorrow," said Mr. Foolish TV Guy. Mr. Foolish got so foolishly persuaded by it, he foolishly went there the next day.
It seems you liked the show too! Hahahaha! ...((just kidding))
And yes, the TV guy's name is "Mr. Foolish TV Guy"- Foolish is first name, TV is middle name, Guy is last name.

The foolish square was a crowded with foolish people willing to compete in the foolish competition. Mr. Foolish foolishly walked into a foolish lady holding a foolish-looking handbag.

"YEEEOOOOWWWW!," there was Mr. Foolish's voice again, it seems that he was so foolish to not look where he was walking where that foolish-looking handbag got WHACKED into his face. "I hate foolish people...," he muttered, and, with that they all faced towards him, ready to...
Ur shot..
It's amazing what u can do with 2 sentences.

...foolishly smack his foolish face out. He had obviously forgotten he was extremely foolish...

So, yeah he got whacked. Mr. Foolish went back home with a black eye and a blue swollen face, he decided not to participate in the competition, and just then another foolish guy foolishly knocked on the door with his foolish knock not knowing what he was in for...,"AHHHH! THIS IS THE TWELFTH FOOLISH FREAKY ALIEN I'VE SEEN TODAY! IT'S NOT HALLOWEEN!"

U seem to be bored from this, huh?
It's not THAT boring, is it? I'm trying to get it to be better...

The ultra- foolish alien who knocked on the mega-foolish door said, "We are the aliens here to take over the world and you will help us do so whether you like it or not." Then the mega- foolish man was hit over the head by the ultra- foolish alien and was knocked out.

Ps. Well, nah I'm not that bored it's not like I have anything better to do...

"No, I'm dead..., he muttered." "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed the other foolish guy.

PS I'm soo bored.
PS I didn't know he was an alien...

"NOW, WITH YOU MEGA-FOOLISHNESS OUT OF MY WAY, I CAN DESTROY THE WORLD!" Mr. Foolish sighed. "Who lit the fuse on your tampon?"

Mr. Foolish was actually pretty happy because he thought he was a nobody and no-one knew about his existence.

He was soooo happy that he let the guy kill him... but did he actually kill him?

Mr. Foolish was actually knocked out... again. By the time he came around, the foolish alien had set up a HUGE machine to use to take over the world.

Yeah. This was the end.
(A/N- Some time later…)
(Hey I meant the end of him not the story! Unless u wanted to end it...?I mean it is boring..)

Wha-? No!

Mr. Foolish blinked. There was actually an off switch...

He just realized how foolish he was. He coulda used this to his advantage and took out that foolish guy.

But there was something shiny across the room! Mr. Foolish ran to it and bumped straight into the alien.
Ps. and to think it started with a foolish guy watching a foolish show...

'OUCH! My foolish head feels like it's foolishly coming off! I hate you Mr. Foolish Alien! Prepare for your foolish demise!'

PS. Yeah, how weird!
You think this'll make a good story? We should publish it!

Mr. foolish raised a knife which was (conveniently) right next to him. But the alien took out...

... a RAY GUN!

The foolish alien shot a foolish shot with his foolish ray gun bullets. And that Mr. Foolish pulled out a foolish shield to block his foolishly aimed attacks.

Then, the foolish ray gun bullets were nothing but REFLECTED off the foolish shield. But ray guns vaporize... so Mr. Foolish was left with the knife...

So he actually managed to stab the alien. Then the alien juice came out!

Ps. Vaporize, huh? I wasn't thinking...

Then the alien saw something... HIS BLOOD WAS TURNIN BLUE!

Ps. apparently, they are like some sort of laser gun so yea...

It was due to the poisoning before hand when he stabbed that poisonous knife into the alien (not that the alien knew of this). "You should die in 15 minutes," Mr. Foolish suddenly transformed from foolishly foolish guy to some cool guy. ((weird...)) pointing his index finger towards the alien's forehead, with the alien all panicked on his knees in front of him, "NOOOOOO!"

The alien screamed again, while his forehead burned up. "Now who will dominate the world for my mum's death wish?"

Ps. we should sooooooo publish this... maybe...
Pps. why is it that all the super heroes have mega-tight suits? Like Lee's and Guy's spandex? Confuses me...
Stupid traditions... oh hey! They're revealing clothes! Sorry just random thoughts here...
And seriously tight=revealing... can my teacher not see that?

"Maybe your brother...?" There goes Mr. Foolish again... "No! Not Tommy! Not him! He can't fulfill my mum's death wish!No waaaaaayyyyy!" He was dying of his own mentalness, he was going crazy, banging his head on the floor and everything, poor guy.

Yeah, we should publish it, huh? Just fix up the spelling and punctuation mistakes then wa-lah!
Maybe they wear tight suits so it won't get in the way. As for Lee he's not a super hero. He just wears it coz Guy's like it's one size, fits all and they get like this mega power from it or something. They even tried to get Naruto to wear it, he wanted to, but, Jiraiya is like I'm not gonna teach u if u wear that outfit...haha
And yeah, it's like people wearing clothes like their skin colour it's like they're naked!
I've gotta go refill the water.
(That's probably why the typing's all messed up. (Sorry)

'Or your sister maybe...?" Mr. foolish said. "Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo! Not her! She's like way too weak!" The alien said.

Pps. yea... super-tight spandex... *shudders*

Mr. Foolish couldn't decide on what to do. Eventually the 15 minutes passed and the alien died, just as predicted.

Mr. Foolish eventually took it upon himself to do two things. One, rob and bury the alien's body, and two... to dominate the world for him.

So he started with the foolish lady holding a foolish-looking handbag that he had met earlier. Yeah, he killed her, took no effort although she continuously tried a number of times to whack Mr. Foolish with her handbag. Then her husband came after her...

That's 3 lines huh?
Oh well.

"What the hey do ya think your doin' to number 1 foolish dude? He's tryin' to dominate the world!"

"Hey! You are on my side? C'mon help me kill your wife then we'll dominate the world together in peace!" said Mr. Foolish.

In peace. Lol.

"Yup! Let's kill her now"

Ps. sorry this is so late and short.

So, they killed her. The poor lady.

Sorry, I ran outta ideas :(
So, you ran outta ideas too?

Her death was most gruesome and bloody. It involved stabbing, sticks and poking beyond recognition.

Gosh, I swear I'm out of ideas... and my writers block on my current story doesn't help...

Anyway, the old-handbag-lady's husband felt that he had began a new fun life without the old lady's bags anymore. He was so happy (as in jumpy happy) and took Mr. Foolish to the tailor to get some super capes made. (Not that they are super heroes...).

They both like the colour pink so they made it pink and happy, although they were meant to be happy?
This is so stupid. Oh yeah the husband's wearing a pink sweater with a GIANT red love heart on top; just to make it funny and dumb. Not that it'll make a difference anyway...

"OMG! I soooo want that pink one that has fluffy bunny ears on top!" Mr. Foolish just looked at old lady's husband weird and proceeded to wear his pink cape with a love heart to match his sweater.

Ps. OMG! They are WEIRDDD!

Ya. He actually put it on. With the bunny ears. Then he started hopping and doing bunny actions. Mr. Foolish just stared at him in disgrace; he was too cool to do that now. Lol. (yea right! he's still a loser...)

I wonder what he looks like...

"You really should wear something more manly... like my SUPER COOL CAPE WITH LOVEHEARTS!" Mr. Foolish cried. "No! My bunny ears costume is way cuter and will help me blend in with nature more!" old handbag lady's husband retorted.

Ps. sorry it's late.

Anyway, in the future, they actually started to conquer the world. They were getting pretty good at it. And then. One day, an alien ship landed with some Aliens inside, "Step forward you two humans, come with us to space and receive your reward for filling our master's dream." They stepped forward and went with them.

So they were inside. The aliens stepped forward, "Here is your prize. Take it and continue, before your mum comes and says you're too young."

So they took the prize. Then they went back to earth.

There they continued their quest, and dominated the world with the help of the aliens. So they ruled.

The so-called man once called Mr. Foolish was basically the king. And all of his men followed his commands and done as he told.

Sorry I was waiting for u to reply. I thought it was your turn.
Anyway, I don't see where this story is headed, do u have any ideas?

His first command was most obviously to take over the world. But of course, that didn't turn out too well...

(And no I have no ideas...)

His command was to destroy his mother's house. But, she came and knocked on his door before he knocked on hers, "You are too young to conquer the world, Fooly (that was the nickname Mr. Foolish's mum called him)..."

Do u wanna just quit it? We'll just make it into a manga or something... and then in the last page we'll make the whole world blow up (with him in it) because he set up a huge atomic bomb and didn't know that IT'LL KILL HIM along with the rest of the world (he is Mr. Foolish after all).
And I reckon that'd be a good ending ;)
I dunno. What do u think?

We said that the aliens gave him a prize, right? What was this prize anyway?

Mr. Foolish stared at his mother in shocked horror. "Where's the spoiling mum I know and love?"

Ooh... where's this gonna go? Yea... THIS DESERVES TO GO IN A MANGA OR SOMETHING!
Or we can just make an account on fictionpress and post it there... (And maybe we can just drop a nuke on 'em all and end it. Like you said, he's foolish.)
Oh yea... the prize... uum... Nobel prize...? Mr. Foolish version of it anyway...?

They hugged and lived happily ever after. They are the masters of this new world, aren't they?

How's that. If u want to continue it we can just forget about the end stuff.
PS I liked the previous lines u wrote hahahaaa.
Anyway. We should just talk this over or something...


Aah... anyway... ok. So that's the end of the story of Mr. Foolish.

(A/N- Some time later…)

Let's finish it with the atomic bomb. U can start since I ended the other one, so, now it's ur shot.


But at that moment, something fell from the sky. It moved too quick to register.
And continue!


"What is it?" Mr. Foolish thought, "It must me a signal from the aliens."
Ok, your turn.

At that moment, there was a ground-shaking BOOM! Mr. Foolish looked at it and screamed in his signature high-pitched voice.

What is it? What was it?

Mr. Foolish screamed. It was a BOMB!

Ps. we have no idea what's going on, do we.

"Oh, no. I better walk away." Mr. Foolish came out of the hospital recently and now he was on crutches so he couldn't actually run...

Yeah, I'm just writing anything lol.

The bomb blew up. And killed them all.

Simple. Unless you want to resurrect them.

Ok the end.


Yes. Mr. Foolish's foolish adventure draws to a close...

A/N- Mr. Foolish, R.I.P. Everyone else, R.I.P.
Again, done for the pure sake of amusement. So there is no descriptions of characters, some mistakes etc.